89th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
January 14, 2018


Revenues - All Periods

Lot #: 366

ISRAEL SECOND REVENUE near complete tabbed set NO 30 & 80 pr

Start: $90 Sold For: $90
Lot #: 367

AGUROT/LIROT REVENUES 10 AG (BI-16 #40) vertical strip of 5 – slightly misperfed & missing bit of design on bottom two stamps

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 368

PIPE & TREE – NEW SHEKEL (BI-16 #106-115) full tab set

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 369

ISRAEL AGRAH REVENUES 18 different varieties – some noted by arrows

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 370

CONSULAR / PASSPORT STAMPS Wallerstein CS 3 5 6 8 and one other

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 371

WEST BANK REVENUES (BI-16 #09-21) includes basic set and/or some “a” numbers; 22 items in all

Start: $170 Sold For: $190
Lot #: 372

PALESTINE &ISRAEL DOCUMENTS WITH REVENUES (1) 3 documents with first revenues tied by Palestine Electric Company handstamps: PROMISSORY NOTE and two receipts (3) APPLICATION FORM BUILDING with OPDA & HJZ revenues (3) CONTRACT OF LEASE

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 373

JUDEA & SAMARIA DOCUMENTS WITH REVENUES various documents with FILS or ZAHAL revenues; 2 or more copies of same type of document will have different stamps; condition varies; 13 in all

Start: $75 Buy
Lot #: 374

GENERAL REVENUE small accumulation including Navy, traffic and others; over 50 items

Start: $160 Buy

postal history

Lot #: 375

1966 METER POSTMARK OF BEER-SHEVA with the round town mark carrying a Hebrew slogan, (the only time used in Israel - see Dr. E.FOA, Israel Meter Postage Stamps, 1988, p. 10) "Beer-Sheva is your town - care for its cleanness". On receipt from city

Start: $27 Buy
Lot #: 376

ISRAEL POST COMPUTERIZATION ERA PRESENTATION 1990-2010: Collection of Mint computer registration, A.R. (Advise of Receipt), Express and other labels in sheetlets and singles and on commercial CVS; most cvrs with various Computer labels showing various rates and usages; Also 5 types of MASAD labels on cvr’; all commercial, over 160 cvrs and 70 cutouts; in X2 volumes. Difficult to assemble.

Start: $190 Buy
Lot #: 377

ELECTRONIC CODING AND SORTING 16 page exhibit (needs to be remounted) depicting various electronic markings on covers; these were used in automatic sorting; a mixture of preliminary trial covers and philatelic items

Start: $70 Sold For: $70
Lot #: 378

COVERS & CARDS FROM FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN ISRAEL 30 items; many with different meters

Start: $27 Buy
Lot #: 379

RETURN FROM USSR airmail cvr returned from USSR, All Hebrew hstmp relating to this; apparently refused due to military symbol on cancellation; backstamped Moscow, flap missing

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 380

RETURN FROM USSR regist airmail cvr framed with Israphil 85 souvenir sheet addressed to Moscow, hstmpd French RETURN LEFT; the pink registry card form the Israel Post Office is attached (shown on web)

Start: $35 Buy


Lot #: 381

IDF OFFICIAL CIRCULAR FOR RESERVISTS 1969, Hebrew printed circular 6.75 x 9.75", sent from the commander of unit FPO 2114.with its triangle hstmp addressed to Haifa & has receiving pmk Haifa 6.8.69 (during the War of Attrition). The text advocates "Return of military clothing articles. Following Six Days War ... there was a vast explanation campaign, huge quantities of gear were returned; yet this is not enough ... Military clothing article might reach dangerous elements & aid them to masquerade to move freely ; each & every article must be immediately returned except for the articles listed below”. Backstamped; Postage guaranteed in case of non-delivery". Few staple holes; Fine

Start: $50 Sold For: $50
Lot #: 382

ZAHAL/IDF CALL UP LETTER SHEETS 7 in all; couple different formats; various years; one from 1956 is addressed to an ex-IRGUN member (per vendor note);

Start: $65 Sold For: $65
Lot #: 383

UNUSUAL IDF-ZAHAL CALL UP FOLDED LETTER 1971.Printed in red on one side of 5 x 6.8" sheet, to be folded once, IDF Insignia at top with annotation "Registered Mail". As this form is the SECOND one sent, as addressee (female youth) did not arrive for the preliminary registration, before her draft! "For your attention ... Article 35A. .punishment... up to two year imprisonment... or 600 IL. fine ... or both ... ". Form # 7056, has Printers' Legend dated "2/69",. Hstmped by NCO, "Aid to Draft Control Officer", has triangle FPO 1215 hstmp, and hstmp "If undelivered ... must be returned to sender". Posted to Tel Aviv & has Tel Aviv 15.2.71 receiving pmk.; filing holes at far right affect nothing VF

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 384

UNITED NATIONS EMERGENCY FORCES letter sheets, mint and used from various units, locations & dates; seen: Canadian forces in Ismalia & El Arish, India forces Suez 1958, Swedish, Nepal, ebanon Israel Border, and more; over 30 items in all; nicely identified INCLUDED UN BEIRUT UNOGIL error –only 150 known

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 385

UN RELIEF AND WORKS AGENCY FOR PALESTINE REFUGEES, BEYROUTH (1)1951 Imprinted cover mailed to Philadelphia, (2) 23 Dec 1979 UNIFIL, UN Base P.O., Naqoura, Lebanon, Airmail package card to UN General Post Office, Tel-Aviv.

Start: $35 Buy