89th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
January 14, 2018

Low Priced Lots

Low Priced Lots

Lot #: 1049L

EGYPTIAN HELP PALESTINE FUND DONATIONS 6 different: 50 & 100 Piaster, 5 10 50 and 100 Lira; all with counterfoils (folded under) and red hstmp; ALSO 2 panes of four of HELP PALESTINE stamps

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1050L

IRAQ various issues, ovpt ON STATE SERVICE, couple ovpt “SAVE PALESTINE”

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1051L

The Commissioner of Postal Affairs of the West Bank, Jerusalem This label in Hebrew and Arabic on two registered covers: YATA 3.6.89 & YA’ABAD 9.6.80; same pmks on back

Start: $27 Buy
Lot #: 1052L

SZYK LIBERIA full sheets of 20 – various values, multiples of each –many stuck down to cardboard; each sheet signed in the lower selvege by Szyk

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1053L

DRAWINGS FROM THE SIX DAY WAR by Dan Livni; 12 black and white drawings; 15 x 11 inches; a bit discolored (blackened area) to one corner o/w VF;(cover with larger blackened area at bottom)

Start: $33 Buy
Lot #: 1054L

PALESTINE colored map (6 x 9 inch) showing 5 areas: Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Decapolos and Peran appears to be torn from a book

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1055L

NEW MAP OF PALESTINE OR THE HOLYLAND colored map (8 x 10 inches) showing 5 areas: Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Decapolo, Peran and Phoenicia (the latter 3 current day Syria Jordan and Lebanon); also shows 12 tribes; on back: maps of ancient and modern Jerusalem (probably 1880’s)

Start: $33 Buy
Lot #: 1056L

MAP OF JERUSALEM (Reduced from the Ordnance Survey) mss dated 1893; 12 x 10 inches, apparently from a book

Start: $33 Buy
Lot #: 1057L

PALESTINE ANTIQUA showing Samaria, Judea, Galilee, and other areas, 7 x 9 inches, folded

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 1058L

PALESTINE TRANSJORDAN SYRIA LEBANON with inset of Jerusalem; on other side: TURKEY, SYRIA, IRAQ Rand McNally map; 9 x 12 inches; a bit rough at one edge – not affecting maps

Start: $33 Buy
Lot #: 1059L

1982 OPERATION SHALOM HAGALILEE (First Lebanon War) depicts day to day battles for OPERATION “PEACE IN THE GALILEE”. Merit given, on July 20th 1982, to all members of Communication unit that participated in that operation. Depicts Lebanon Map with legend, major battles by dates etc. 8.5 x 12.5 inch

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1060L

FISCHKE DER LAHME: SFORIN, by Mendele Mojcher; with 26 lithographs by Anatoli Kaplan; in Geman; 174 pages with dust cover and slipcase; printed Leipzig, Germany 1978 BONUS:  22 x 16 cm original titled drypoint signed in pencil by Kaplan, loose as published in black cloth covered boards,

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 1061L

PICTURES WITHOUT WORDS German book BILDER OHNE WORTE; 30 pages, many illustrations; paperback small private press publication (Berlin: Fritz Heyder [1924]), featuring 17 woodcuts by Max Liebermann, artist & printmaker, 30 pages,

Start: $25 Buy



Lot #: 2000PT-AUTO

This collection or accumulation contains autographs and names on documents, First Day Covers, covers with special cancels or cachets, or other items. An 87 page PDF document (promulgated by the vendor) will be sent by e-mail on request. This has the names and brief biographies. [A cross check of the vendor list against the material was not done.] Some items are discolored on the top edge. Condition, as expected, will vary. There are some 15 binders. The same name may be on more than one item.

Start: $15,000 Buy