90th Holyland Postal Bid Sale


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Sale date: 
June 25, 2018

Additional Lots

Judaica. Including autographs

Lot #: 401

JNF (1) Map stamp – brown & blue sheetlets (2) about 35 other stamps, including couple early issues (3) 14 philatelic covers

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 403

1993 RUSSIA LOCALS. BIROBIDZHAN JEWISH AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC for TELAPHILA 93; two different sheets, partial sheets and pairs, also what may be proofs of the overprint

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 404

UNIVERSAL YESHIVA OF JERUSALEM BEAL 155.3 full sheetlet of 15 with top part of sheet

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 405

RABBI ELIYAHU BEN DAHAN main assistant to chief Rabbinate To Israel Office; dated 25 Elul 5748.

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 406

RUTH BAMBERGER Israeli known clothing designer signed in Hebrew & English on exhibition in the B’zalel museum .

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 407

ERNEST D. BERGMAN Israeli atom researcher, received the Israel prize in 1968, 1903-1975; signed in ink on official letter of the Atomic Energy Commission; file holes to right

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 408

DAVID BLOCH signed as mayor of Tel Aviv on official letter head on letter to the Litvinsky brothers, dated 14/2/1928

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 409

YEHOSHUAH CHANKIN land manager for the World Zionist Organization in Palestine signed in Hebrew on letterhead of the Palestine Land Development co. ltd / London dated 12/11/23

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 410

ABRAHAM VERDIGER signed on letterhead as general secretary of the Poaley Agudat Israel Labour organization - Executive Committee to the central tax office Mr. Nach’shoni; dated 2/12/63

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 411

ABE VIGODA actor, signed in ink on photo (on front & back)

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 412

OTTO WARBURG on registration card for the Jewish History And Literature In Berlin, Germany. Third President of The World Zionist Organization; dated 21/11/1895

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 413

ELI WEISEL signed on Boston Univ. letter head

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 414

SIMON WIESENTHAL famous Nazi fighter & holocaust survivor from Vienna Austria. Founder of the WIESENTHAL CENTER OF RESEARCH in apprehending Nazis; signed in ink on his photograph

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 415

CHAIM WEIZMAN future first president of Israel signed in ink on personal letter on official letter from the Weizman House, dated 21/APR/1947; file holes amended

Start: $350 Buy
Lot #: 416

SCHOOL CERTIFICATES Report cards, graduation, etc, 11 items

Start: $25 Buy


Lot #: 402

JNF ACCUMULATION various issues, most notable RADIO STAMPS (with duplication), Wester Wall sheetlet,

Start: $25 Buy


Lot #: 417

TURKISH OFFICES over 20 stamps (singles, pairs and one block of four) with various postmarks – not checked

Start: $20 Buy


Lot #: 418

MANDATE COLLECTION About 90% complete collection very nicely mounted on pages and annotated. In fact, it is two collections MINT and USED. The mint can be hinged or never hinged. It has the BLUES (with what may be #2); the TYPOGRAPHS (with shades), rough perforations, some missing perfs, JERUSALEM ONE with some varieties including perf 14 and rough perfs JERUSALEM TWO with narrow setting on 1 & 3 mil JERUSALEM THREE, LONDON ONE with shades & rough perforations, LONDON TWO with shades, PICTORIALS with thin ribbed & wove papers, upside down watermark, coils, APC PERFINS, DUES #1 #2 & #3; NOT COMPLETE but probably over 90% of all items included.

Start: $1,400 Buy
Lot #: 419

MANDATE ACCUMULATION mostly pictorials and revenues (heavy duplication on 10 mil revenue)

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 420

BLUES #2 ARMY POST OFFICE SZ 44 date unclear, censor hstmp; addressed to USA

Start: $25 Buy