90th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
June 25, 2018


jewish national fund

Lot #: 21

JNF NEW YEAR CARDS 10 cards mint & used, couple ovptd DOOGMAH

Start: $65 Buy

Non-JNF labels & stamps

Lot #: 22

KEREN TEL CHAI two strips of four; 100 pr black & 150 pr violet, for BETAR sport fund

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 23

KEREN TEL CHAI two strips of four; 100 pr black & 150 pr violet, for BETAR sport fund

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 24

KEREN TEL CHAI 5 different sheetlets or panes as to design & color

Start: $55 Buy
Lot #: 25

LUBOML 5 perf and 5 imperf labels; 5 10 20 25 & 30 values

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 26

LUBOML 10 & 20 with inverted value tablets

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 27

ISRAEL BOY & GIRL SCOUTS FEDERATION sheetlet for 1961 8th jamboree

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 28

WEDDING LABELS 2 green for entrance of the bride

Start: $35 Buy


Lot #: 29

RELIGIOUS SCENES 8 colorful post cards depicting religious scenes, made in France, apparently from a set

Start: $50 Buy


Lot #: 30

ZIONIST CONGRESSES (1) Leatherette folder with FDC of 34th Zionist Congress and souvenir leaf. (2) Commemoration sheet with First Stamp of Hatiqwa (1978) and musical score of anthem. (3) World Zionist Press photograph of 30th Congress and showing Kolleck, Shazer, Meir and Ben-Gurion

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 31

OFFICIAL STATE OF ISRAEL PROPAGANDA FLYER to promote purchase of Dollar linked Israeli Bonds: "A rare opportunity, confident investment for your money. Purchase today and secure the stability of your money." Text Discusses inflation, the huge budget required for the mass Aliyah and the need for long-term secured saving. Nicely illustrated, friendly text in Hebrew, printed in orange, gray & black on white paper (c. 12.5 x 6.75") folded twice. Designed by a private advertising office (Tal-Arieli) in order to prevent a direct connection to the Government and to increase the public's trust. The item has the characteristics of letter sheet: squared space for stamp, 3-line space for address, space and inscription for sender & indications where the sheet is to be folded. Fresh, with light paper clip sign o/w VF, RARE!

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 32

JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL payment demand notice; 2 copies -- different dates; folded as mailed; minor stains from staples [PH enhanced]

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 33

MAGEN DAVID ADOM entire, airmail to New York, censored, CYPRESS special cancel ties two 20 & two 50 mils Doar Ivri

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 34

MAGEN DAVID ADOM & HOSPITAL accumulation of 30 different

Start: $95 Buy
Lot #: 35


Start: $36 Buy
Lot #: 36

STATIONERY FORM ISSUED BY "WIZO ALLYAH, Educational-Agriculturalist. Petach Tikvah". Form is folded twice & has box space for 60Pr. Stamp to be affixed; delivered by courier, message dated 17.3.54 to Petach Tikvah municipality & has its receiving hstmp dated 19/111/1954; has institute's logo underneath: "Education for Torah and Mitzvoth, for Labor and Social life". UNRECORDED F-VF SCARCE! [PH in catalogue has top, full item on web)

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 37

LABELS ETC. 30 different labels or payment items from various organizations

Start: $80 Buy


Lot #: 38

EINSTEIN ACCUMULATION: 70 (mostly) mint stamps from 32 countries; 9 sheetlets all mint; 7 cancelled souvenir cards; 13 world-wide FDCs, cards, 1966 FD commemorative folder from Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, NJ; and USPS FD Issue Program, Princeton. Difficult to duplicate.

Start: $75 Buy
Lot #: 39

EINSTEIN ACCUMULATION: book with 39 candid picture postcards; another with 6; and 3 loose post cards (all black & white) 29 American First Day Covers different cachets); 3 non-USA First Day Covers; and18 Einstein stamps.

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 40

ISRAEL MILITARY ID BOOKLET for Lieutenant Colonel Nari Rishoni; booklet has soft blue covers and 12 pages; Rishoni served in the army between 1948 and 1971 and served in the reserve for one month in the Yom Kippur war

Start: $50 Buy