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April 30, 2019
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picture post cards

Lot #: 21

OTTOMAN PALESTINE ERA COLORED PICTURE POST CARDS (1) Church of the annunciation, Nazareth (2) Mary Tree, Heliopolis (3) Capernicum (4) Church Of The Crucifixions,. Jerusalem (5) Grotto Of The Agony, Jerusalem (6) Nazareth (7) Damascus all unused

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Lot #: 22

FLOWERS AND VIEWS OF THE HOLY LAND JERUSALEM. [First German title edition], SOUVENIR ALBUM HOLY LAND] Description: Jerusalem, A.l. Kahane, [.], 1907, small oblong 8 inch Original calf backed polished cedar-wooden sides, convertible. Jerusalem in Hebrew and English between inlaid black decorative borders. Title-page in Hebrew and English printed within an elaborate colored decorative flower boarder. With12 distinctive colored topographical views illustrating Jerusalem and other Settlements in Palestine, captioned in Hebrew script, English and Russian; 12 cards bearing original dried colored flowers linked to opposite plate, captioned in Hebrew script, French, English, German and Russian, with original tissue-guards. Colored floral endpapers. Still very interesting souvenir album of the Holy Land (Palestine), partly done by hand. The dried flowers have been found in the surroundings of settlements and cities illustrated on opposite page. Excellent edition. Interleaving over flowers

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Lot #: 605

TUNIS SYNAGOGUE circa 1930’s

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Lot #: 606

BUCHENWALD CAMP set of 8 ppc issued 1958. Each card with stamp and illustration of a different important person who dies in the camo between 1939 and 1944, The back side has the name, birth date, and date of death. All are unused and in excellent condition. Cards are for Phil Adams, Walter Stoecker, Rudi Arndt, Albert Kunts, Rudolf Breitscheid, Parfrrer Schneider, and Rudolf Ranner.

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Lot #: 607

BETHLEHEM GIRLS & VIEW UPU POST CARD - undivided back; probably made in Germany

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Lot #: 608

DREYFUS AFFAIR French post card depicting persons involved; aging on back, one bent corner

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Lot #: 609

PICTURE POST CARDS mint and used, various scenes, 1900 – 1940’s 32

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