92nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale


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Sale date: 
April 30, 2019

ottoman period

austrian offices

Lot #: 67

AUSTRIAN OFFICES JAFFA pmk July 1891 ties 1 piastre on 10 kr stamp to cvr addressed to Coln, Germany. Advertising corner cover sent by David Idlovitch, pioneer of Rishon le Zion to Sigmund Crommer in 1891. Cover has numerous cancels and notes (redirection and return). Cover condition is f/vf with top trimmed slightly but not affecting cancels. This cover has historic and postal value. Description of marking sent on request

Start: $125 Sold For: $125
Lot #: 68

AUSTRIAN OFFICES Austrian mail-Package registration Card with 4 Austrian stamps tied by JAFFA OSTERR. POST 9.X.11. Registration is for 2 wine containers (#495 and #496) from “Grande caves De Rishon Le Zion Pres Jaffa.” Package is addressed to Basel, with Trieste transit pmk. Light vert. fold otherwise vf.

Start: $100 Sold For: $130
Lot #: 69

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: HAIFA 11/8/11 ties 10 para stamp to ppc (Haifa coast) addressed to England (Steichle 506)

Start: $40 Sold For: $40
Lot #: 70

AUSTRIAN OFFICES – JAFFA ‘b’ OSTERR. POST dated 17.V.13 pmk (Steichle 527) on 10 centime pc, AUS JERUSALEM OSTERR. POST hstmp

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 71

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: GERUSALEMME 15/1 ties 2 soldi stamp to piece (Steichle 542)

Start: $50 Sold For: $50
Lot #: 72

AUSTRIAN OFFICES – GERUSALEMMME date unclear (Steichle 542), ties 10 soldi stamp to cvr, backstamps & wax seal on flap, flap missing piece

Start: $90 Buy
Lot #: 73

AUSTRIAN OFFICES – GERUSALEMMME date unclear, 1890 (per backstamps) pmk (Steichle 543) ties 1 piastre ovpt on 10 soldi stamp to small cvr addressed to Malta, POT SAID transit mark and Malta arrival pmk on back

Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 74

JERUSALEM OESTERREICSISCHE POST of 25/7/1899 ties two 20 para ovpt 5 para stamps to cvr addressed to Amsterdam, FAST’S LLOYD HOTEL corner card; BONUS two stamp with same pmk

Start: $35 Sold For: $45
Lot #: 75

JERUSALEM OESTERREICSISCHE POST of 25/12/99 ties 10 para ovpt on 3 para stamp to ppc addressed; BETHELEHEM 24.XII.99 handstamp

Start: $40 Sold For: $40
Lot #: 76

AUSTRIAN OFFICES – JERUSALEM OSTERR. POST 21.XIII.85 as arrival pmk on ppc from England

Start: $55 Buy
Lot #: 77

AUSTRIAN OFFICES – JERUSALEM OSTERR. POST 2.1.08 as arrival pmk on ppc from England, addressed to Bethlehem

Start: $65 Buy
Lot #: 78

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: REGISTRATION RECEIPTS 3 different, Jerusalem, Jaffa, small Jerusalem

Start: $35 Sold For: $35

french offices

Lot #: 79


Start: $40 Sold For: $40
Lot #: 80

FRENCH OFFICES 3 POSTAL CARDS. (1) 1908 mailed from Nancy Station to the Hebrew Gymnasia in Jaffa; JAFFA OSTERR. POST 27 V 8 arrival omk. (2) Postal card mailed from Alexandria, Egypt to Dr. Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943), Zionist leader and thinker. (3) Postal card mailed to the Director of the Hebrew High School in Jaffa; cancelled in France but carried by Austrian post. All have filing holes over imprints and cancels.

Start: $50 Buy

German Offices

Lot #: 81

GERMAN OFFICES: JAFFA DEUTSCHE POST (Steichle #221) dated 20.12.05 3 pmks tie 20 para and 10 para ovpt stamps to 10 para ovpt entire, AUS JERUSALEM DEUTSCHE POST hstmp; addressed to Germany; backstamp, flap missing

Start: $80 Sold For: $80

italian offices

Lot #: 82

ITALIAN OFFICE 2 different postal cards, one with Gerusalemme ovpt (and backstamp from Budapest)

Start: $45 Buy

turkish offices

Lot #: 83

TURKISH OFFICE: CAIFFA (ARRIVAL) 8/20/914 on back of cvr mailed from Beyrouth (Collins PM 11?)

Start: $55 Buy
Lot #: 84

TURKISH MAIL JAFFA CANCELS on Turkish Stamps: (8 singles, I pair, 1 block of 4)

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 85

TURKISH MAIL-JERUSALEM CANCELS on Turkish Stamps, 8 singles, 1 block of 4 with Quart Israelite cancel

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 86

TURKISH OFFICES (1) SAFED JAN 9 1893 to Jaffa; actually from Rosh Pina (office opened in 1910), vert fold (2) JERUSALEM 1896 to Germany

Start: $50 Sold For: $125