93nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
October 17, 2019



Lot #: 41

AUTOGRAPHS OF ERETZ-ISRAEL PERSONALITIES: (1) Y. Rokach, Tel-Aviv Mayor on TLV municipality letter, (2) Yoseph Weitz, land and settlement planner of the JNF, on 2 1939 JNF receipts, (3) Moshe Carmel, General and minister (the Carmel Brigade of the War of Independence that he commanded is named after him) on 1964 2-page handwritten letter + his damaged cover from Paris, (4) Shmuel Tamir, lawyer of the Kasztner trial, and Minister, on typed 1971 Knesset stationery letter BREAK UP

Start: $80 Buy

Service Organizations

Lot #: 42

JEWISH RESTITUTION (1) economical usage of War Department entire, addressed to Jerusalem, handstamp CENTRAL CLAIMS COMMITTEE BAD NENNDORF BAOR 5 (2) OHMS label partially covers hstmp of FOREIGN OFFICIAL GERMAN SECTION, same address & hstmp as before (3) meter from Jewish Restitution Successor Organization

Start: $45 Buy


Lot #: 43

13TH MACCABIAH GAMES FIRST DAY PICTURE POSTCARD, signed by all 12 athletes that were honored to represent the previous 12 Games in the opening parade of the Opening Ceremony, including Henry Hershkovich and Shaul Ladany (that are inducted in the Int. Jewish Sports Hall of fame), etc. [PH cropped in catalog, full on web]

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 44

MAGEN DAVID ADOM entire, airmail to New York, censored, CYPRESS special cancel ties two 20 & two 50 mils Doar Ivri

Start: $45 Buy

Other Organizations

Lot #: 45

HOLOCAUST. GHETTO FIGHTERS’ HOUSE BOOKLET. With FDCs on anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with 5 FDCs, picture postcard of plaque at Le Chambon, 5 Israel stamps, 2 picture postal cards from Oswiecim, and Israel sheet of Anne Frank.

**, c
Start: $75 Buy

Religious Organizations

Lot #: 46

NETUREI KARTA 2 papers, opening to 8 pages; undated but seems to be 1956 or 1957 (1) To Rebel Nations (2) New Gezairot

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 47

SYNAGOGUES Israel sheets and FDCs of 1987 & 1988 synagogue models, FDC of synagogue floor, 4 picture post cards, 7 Cordova postcards of synagogues, booklets for Paris and Turkish synagogues.

**, c
Start: $40 Sold For: $40


Lot #: 48

JEWISH PERSONALITIES AND THE A-BOMB AND NUCLEAR POWER. 25 covers with Einstein stamps or image, 15+ stamps of other Jewish physicists, 11 covers, picture postcard sent from Hiroshima, book written and autographed by Jacob Beser (the only Jew on both Enola Gay and Bock’s Car), the B-29’s that bombed Japan), and autographed picture of Beser.

**, c
Start: $75 Sold For: $75
Lot #: 49

JEWISH PHYSICISTS AND THE ATOM BOMB. Booklet on the first reactor. Postcards depicting Einstein, Bohr, Meitner, Oppenheimer, bomb, Los Alamos, Fermi (married to Jewish woman). Two 1956 Israel folders showing tabbed Einstein portrait, Two covers, incoming and outgoing, using secret address of Los Alamos (P.O. Box 1663) and very rare incoming and outgoing covers with P.O. Box 180.

Start: $150 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 50

HUNGARY a cover and postcard sent by jews as indicated by the oblong cachets

Start: $40 Sold For: $40
Lot #: 51

NISKO Postal card sent from Mahrisch Ostrau, Protektorate, to a Jewish family member interred in Barracenlager Nisko; written 18 FEB 1940; translation and other information included

Start: $80 Buy
Lot #: 52

JEWISH PERSONALITIES 29 Israel stamps, 22 Israel FDCs, 2 Haffkine mailed covers, 1 se-tenant sheet of Huberman & Toscanini (Israel), and 1 sheetlet of Frida Kahlo (US).

**/ c
Start: $40 Sold For: $40


Lot #: 53

NATIONAL CASH REGISTER on company letter head, typed letter dated May 1929, to a person in Jerusalem; (2) typed letter from their Berlin office dated July 1931 to same person

Start: $45 Buy


Lot #: 54

LITZMANNSTADT PC formular pc in German sent by the elder of the Jewish school department, telling the parents that their child will enroll in the school year 1941/42,and that they are responsible that their child will visit school regularly

Start: $70 Buy


Lot #: 55

MOROCCO - JEWISH POST handstamp on small envelope

Start: $170 Sold For: $170
Lot #: 56

RAFAH CAMP 2 doctor’s letters concerning the “disposal” of the RAFAH CAMP, 1st hstmp CONFIDENTIAL from Jerusalem Liaison office to Palestine Railways Gaza. The 2nd a certificate authorizing 3 officials to carry out inspection of the structures and installation, signed and hstmpd HQ PALESTINE, both from 1945

Start: $55 Buy
Lot #: 57

WARSAW JEWISH AGENCY, 2 different receipts as to usage

Start: $40 Buy


Lot #: 58

HOW THE BALFOUR DECLARATION WAS GIVEN Written by Dr. M. Gilbar (Zionist Historian) & published by the Hebrew Newspaper Yediot Achronot; pre-1940 seldom seen book, soft covers, 64 pages & Hebrew text. F-VF

Start: $50 Sold For: $50
Lot #: 59

OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC CUSTODIAN OF ENEMY PROPERTY IN PALESTINE dated April 27, 1922; with receipt; aging stains – fragile [PH ENHANCED]

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 60

JUDAICA AND PAYMENT LABELS, mostly Mandate era, about 50 different

Start: $120 Buy