94th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
March 25, 2020



Lot #: 41

JONAS SALK on card, created Polio vaccine

Start: $35 Sold For: $40
Lot #: 42

ISAAC STERN signed black & white photo, dated 1992, 5 x 7 inches

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 43

EDWARD TELLER on letter head of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, dated Oct 9, 2001

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 44

HUBERMAN & TOSCANINI on front cover of 1937/37 Programs of the Palestine Orchestra

Start: $230 Buy
Lot #: 45

SIMON WEISENTHAL on post card, famous Nazi hunter

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 46

CHAIM WEIZMAN future first president of Israel signed in ink on personal letter on official letter from the Weizman House, dated 21/APR/1947; file holes amended

Start: $240 Buy

Zionist Congresses

Lot #: 47

14TH ZIONIST CONGRESS 28 VIII 25 3 strikes Vienna pmk tie 6 Austrian stamps to addressed airmail registered piece (probably from package)

Start: $50 Buy

Zionist Organizations

Lot #: 48

"THE EUROPEAN JEWRY IS SINKING IN A SEA OF BLOOD, WHICH CRIES HELP! LET THE CRY EMERGE OUT OF ZION TO THE WHOLE WORLD: RESCUE THE REMAINS OF ISRAEL!" A small (c. 10 x 15 cm.) dramatic broadsheet, published by the Zionist Revisionist Org., Jerusalem, dated November 1942, announcing a major gathering devoted for the Ruined European Jewry. About VF SCARCE!

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 49

ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF CANADA English letterhead with inscription “Redemption of the Land & Revival of the People” mss singed by executive director; text has “Condition so poor in Canada that coming to your assistance [in Palestine] now is out of the question”, has detailed list of Zionist activist leaders; folded as mailed

Start: $55 Buy

Service Organizations

Lot #: 50

HAMIZRACHI PARTY 1927 copy of THE CONSTITUTION OF THE WORLD HAMIZRACHI ORGANIZATION as fixed at the 1926 world conference held in Antwerp Belgium

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 51


Start: $65 Buy
Lot #: 51A

JEWISH AGENCY FOR PALESTINE IMMIGRATION CERTIFICATE dated 24/7/1939, issued in Warsaw, with port of Tel Aviv arrival cachet by ship “Transilvania”,

Start: $65 Buy
Lot #: 52

JOODSCHE RAAD VOOR AMSTERDAM 1942 certificate that a passport was issued and that it can be obtained at the Jewish immigration office

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 53

MAGEN DAVID ADOM entire, airmail to New York, censored, CYPRESS special cancel ties two 20 & two 50 mils Doar Ivri

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 54

MEDICAL stamps, tokens, labels and the like, over 60 different

Start: $125 Buy
Lot #: 55

JEWISH COMMITTEE OF MISKOLCZ, HUNGARY 3 ration permits with dated handstamp (1) 1908, 24 filler for 1 duck (2) 1924, 300 korona for 1 duck (3) 1931 savings coupon, 12 filler for 1 kg of meat

Start: $100 Buy
Lot #: 56

SURVIVOR LOCATED BY WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS. Sept. 1945, Hebrew, English and Yiddish stationery of the 'WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, STOCKHOLM". Typed English message in reply to a letter received from Palestine regarding a search for a missing relative " ... We have the pleasure of informing you that Miss Ilse Schindler is working as a clerk at the Jewish Community of Malmo, since rather a long time ... she will appreciate very much to hear from you ... her address is ... We are going to contact her and ask her to write to you ... ". Signed in hand with 2 line 'World Jewish Congress, Relief & Rehabilitation Dep." hstmp in violet. Folded as mailed, F-VF

Start: $55 Sold For: $55

Religious Organizations

Lot #: 57

ORTHODOX RABBINATE OF BRUSSELS 4 Kashrut certificates for Laxnxer Airlines Catering; one is dated Nov 23, 1974, another Nov 10, 1977, two undated

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 58

NETUREI KARTA 2 papers, opening to 8 pages; undated but seems to be 1956 or 1957 (1) To Rebel Nations (2) New Gezairot

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 59

TORATH EMETH (1) Donation receipt, unused [item sealed in plastic wrap] (2) Membership document

Start: $60 Buy