94th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
March 25, 2020


Other Organizations

Lot #: 60

HOLOCAUST. GHETTO FIGHTERS’ HOUSE BOOKLET. With FDCs on anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with 5 FDCs, picture postcard of plaque at Le Chambon, 5 Israel stamps, 2 picture postal cards from Oswiecim, and Israel sheet of Anne Frank.

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Lot #: 61

1934 REPORT TO THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS on the foundation of the National Homeland in Eretz Israel

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Lot #: 62

UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON PALESTINE, 1947 official Hebrew/English/Arabic Admission Card for the "PUBLIC HEARINGS, AUDITORIUM, Y.M.C.A. JERUSALEM'; with U.N. logo at top left, TWO CARDS (1) endorsed H for row & hstmpd 27 for seat, printed in black on green card (c. 12 3/4 x 8 1/2 cm) VF (2) mss “O” for row & hstmpd 18 for seat.; with large triangle in yellow at left, to distinguish among the various cards, as absolute separation was required between Jews, Arabs, Christian Arabs, Christians and others; printed in black & yellow on thick white card. Both cards have on bottom: This card Valid for one half day only". Backs have special instructions for card holders. (PH of backs on web)

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Lot #: 63

EPH IDENTIFICATION CARDS one related to sports, soldier’s ID from 1934-36 w/quarterly stamps; card for Mother and Child from May to September (PH of back on web)

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Lot #: 64

JEWISH EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED KINGDOM card used by a CV. Tennenbaum, born in Berlin. These cards were used by German Jews to get into England. The maintenance of the program was guaranteed by the German Jewish Agency. Card creased at bottom right where the British seal (embossed) was added (this side on web)

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Lot #: 65

PUBLICATIONS DE MARIAGE French document regarding the marriage in Toulouse of a man from KFAR VITKIN and lady frim ZUILI

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Lot #: 66

NISKO Postal card sent from Mahrisch Ostrau, Protektorate, to a Jewish family member interred in Barracenlager Nisko; written 18 FEB 1940; translation and other information included [PH of back and information on web]

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Lot #: 67

LITZMANNSTADT PC formular in German pc sent by the elder of the Jewish school department, telling the parents that their child will enroll in the school year 1941/42, and that they are responsible that their child will visit school regularly

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Lot #: 68

CONTRACT between the representative of Baron Rothschild and the representatives of Rishon Le Zion, Rehoboth, Petach Tikvah and other towns for renting of the caves for 10 years; in Hebrew and French; apparent amendments (cross outs added manuscript);48 pages; dated October 1906 (2nd cover on web)

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Lot #: 69

WARSAW JEWISH AGENCY, 2 different receipts as to usage

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Lot #: 70

JEWISH CUTOUT & DIE CUTS – SILHOUETTES USA & German made; various scenes, 21 in all

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Lot #: 71

JEWISH QUESTION single page listing books in German, titled VALUABLE BOOKS ABOUT JUDAISM; on back side THE KAISER’S DREAM

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Lot #: 72

KETUBA (MARRIAGE DOCUMENT) TUNIS 1941 handwritten in Sephardic Hebrew, oval seal of Rabbinic Tribunal and Rabbis signatures; folded, fragile

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Lot #: 73

LULAV AND ETROGIM PRICELIST 1887 postcard from Trieste to Germany, in Yiddish,

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Lot #: 74

JEWISH SYMBOLS AND CEREMONIES series of 50 cards (38 x 68 mm) featuring Jewish life and history

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Lot #: 75

TALISMANS handwritten on parchment in Hebrew (1) 18 x 35 cm (2) 10 ½ x 13 ½ cms

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Lot #: 76

WEDDING INVITATION in Hebrew on 1899 Austrian postcard

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Lot #: 77

JUDAICA AND PAYMENT LABELS, mostly Mandate era, about 50 different

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Lot #: 78

AMERICAN NAZI PARTY (1) membership card (2) WE ARE BACK label

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Lot #: 79

DEFINITION FOR JEWS text in French and Flemish

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