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April 8, 2019


post cards

Lot #: 44

PALESTINE VIEWS 2 colored & 1 black & white Jerusalem, map & Jerusalem, Harvesting; all postally used w/ Austrian stamps & postmarks

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Lot #: 45

NURNBERG SYNAGOGUE 3 views on colored ppc, 1 unused with undivided back’ 2 used

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Lot #: 46

OLD NEW SYNAGOGUE 2 colored & 1 b&w ppc; 2 used, 1 unused

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Lot #: 47

SYNAGOGUES 6 different views of Toledo Synagogue (1 in color); 1 from Cordoba, Portugal Tomar, Rome

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Lot #: 48

TWO SCHOOL BOYS apparently on way from/to Hebrew class

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Lot #: 49

IF I FORGET JERUSALEM MAY MY RIGHT HAND FORGET ITS CUNNING from the Israeli Flag pledge, in Hebrew forming a Star of David; over outline of Israel “We have not lost our hope” from Hatikvah

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Lot #: 50


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Lot #: 51

WARSAW UPRISING ppc depicting monument, card issued by JNF; postmarked and addressed; text on back in Yiddish

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Lot #: 52

MOSES ON MOUNTAIN TOP full color ppc, during attack from Amalek, two others holding up Moses’ arms

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Lot #: 53

YITZHAK BEN TZVI signature on letterhead of Jewish Community of Palestine, General Council, typed Hebrew letter dated Jan 26, 1933; a bit stained at upper left [PH cropped in catalogue, full on WEB]

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Lot #: 54

Bronisław Komorowski President of Poland on Polish version of souvenir leaf for 50th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising

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Lot #: 55

ITZHAK RABIN in Hebrew on Maximum card for 1967 Victory issue; [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 56

TZVI (HERMAN) SCHAPIRA typed German letter dated 18 Jan 1932, from Breslau, Germany to Mosess Smoira in Jerusalem; vert tear at top; JNF stamps for him [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 57

AUTOGRAPHS on covers (1) Yigal Allon (2) Yeshayahu Yerushalmi (speaker of Knesset & military jurist) (3) Arthur Szyk [2 copies] (4) unidentified in Hebrew ALSO President Shazar on lined paper [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 58

AUTOGRAPHS (1) Itzhak Mordechai on cover (2) Shlomo Ben Ami, Minister of Home Security on cover (3) David Levi on cover (4) R. Rivlin, President of Israel (5) Chaim Levanon, Mayor of Tel Aviv, on cover (6) Itzhak Shamir on card[PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 59

AUTOGRAPHS (1) Benjamin Netanyahu on business card (2) Dan Meridor on black & white photo (3) Ehud Barak in English and Hebrew on card with Ben Gurion stamp (4) Yitzhak Navon, Israel president, on PEACE souvenir sheet (5) Rabbi Lau on folder from Yad Vashem (6) Menachem Begin on cover (7) Moshe Yalon, Shaul Mofaz and designer O. Adler on presentation folder

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Lot #: 60

AUTOGRAPHS (1) Ada Yonath on cover(won 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry) (2) L. Umann (3) Aaron Ciechanover (won 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry) on card (4) Prof. Dan Shechtman (won 2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry) on photo of stamp from Mozambique

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Lot #: 61

ZIONIST CONGRESSES (1) 1930 Prague (2) 1933 Czechoslovakia (3)1947 Karlovy (4) BUDCO card for 1921

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Lot #: 62

MIZRAHI: DELEGATE CERTIFICATE dated 5694 (Dec 1933) hstmp of Mizrahi organization; FRAGILE

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Lot #: 63

VAAD ZIONIST HAMERCAZI LEBECHIROT Western Zionist Vaad for Elections) cvr pmkd Warsaw May 3, 1916 – during German occupation. This was a Polish Zionist organization.

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