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April 8, 2019



Lot #: 62

MIZRAHI: DELEGATE CERTIFICATE dated 5694 (Dec 1933) hstmp of Mizrahi organization; FRAGILE

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Lot #: 63

VAAD ZIONIST HAMERCAZI LEBECHIROT Western Zionist Vaad for Elections) cvr pmkd Warsaw May 3, 1916 – during German occupation. This was a Polish Zionist organization.

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Lot #: 64

B’NAI BRITH small accumulation of US First Day Covers, 1989-94, each has a descriptive card

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Lot #: 65

NATIONAL JEWISH HOSPITAL FOR CONSUMPTIVES (1) colored ppc depicting its building in Denver (2) 2 cvrs with New Year label on flaps [discoloration on back not affecting front] (3) folded fundraising letter with different New year label sealing it (carefully opened); labels also depict hosplital

/ ppc
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Lot #: 66

HARRAND MOVEMENT set of 6 detached labels

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Lot #: 67

DONATION RECEIPTS (1) Eitur Rabonim: New Year, Matzoh Find (no fee) Matzoh Fund 50 cent (2) Home for Incurables: Matzoh Fund no fee) Matzoh Fund 50 cent; 5 in all

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Lot #: 68

JEWISH WELFARE BOARD 12 picture post cards depicting various ships; some used; condition varies; these were issued to the US soldiers and sailors; retail is $20 each

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Lot #: 69

AMERICAN JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE (1) cvr mailed Jan 1946 from Rome office to United Service for New Americans in New York, well crumpled at edges (2) WELCOME TO AMERICA card, at Bremen Emigrant Staging Area (3) mailer for report by J Rosen in Jewish Colonization Work in Russia (4) American Jewish Committee postal card mailed 1933 asking recipient about book :The Jews in Nazi Germany” (2 copies)

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Lot #: 71

CENTRAL COMMITTEE KNESSETH ISRAEL RAMBAN JERUSALEM pre-printed indicia for 45 pr., addressed to USA

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Lot #: 72

KOFER HAYISHUV letterhead, typed letter dated Oct 1938, printed signatures of Ben Zvi, I. Rokach, Daniel Remez, Igal Alon, Bloch, on backing paper

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persons and places

Lot #: 73

POPE PAUL VI VISIT 4 JAN 1964 perfed & imperf sheets tied to cover

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Lot #: 74

PAPAL LETTER typed German language letter, signed by the apostolic Nuncio dated Bonn, October 1982, text mentions Pope John Paul II and Arafat

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Lot #: 75

RUSSIA – ORDER TO REPORT TO WORK OFFICE made out to a Jewish person; text in back in German and Russian; dated Dec 28 1941; during time of German occupation; He is to report to the Department of Labor and to bring his passport. [PH of front on WEB.]

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Lot #: 76

BENJAMIN TUDELA two stamps marking 800 years of his birth, one stamp on postal card

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Lot #: 77

ZAMENHOFF 3 items with Brazilian stamp for founder of Esperanto; 4 other stamps

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Lot #: 78

EL AL 10 various items; label, booklet depicting cities, post cards, covers

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Lot #: 79

PALESTINE PHOTOS 1938/1939; printed, apparently part of a series; street in Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv port, text on back.70x65 cm

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Lot #: 80

JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS OR COMPANIES 1 from Czechoslovakia and 2 from Hungary

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Lot #: 81

STADTPOST LUBOML During WW I it was occupied first by Germans and then by Austrians. The Austrians allowed the cities of Luboml, Zarki, and Przedsborz to print stamps for local use. Luboml's stamps were printed in Prague in 4 languages - German, Russian, Polish, and YIDDISH. There are 5 denominations (5h-50h). Luboml is located in the NW corner of Ukraine, 10 miles from the Polish border. Perforated & Imperforate and perforated stamps for values 5 10 20 25 & 50

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