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EUROPEAN SYNAGOGUE ARCHITECTURE EXPOSITION IN ARGENTINA all Spanish booklet, with photos, form the 1966 show

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BE CAREFUL FOR YOUR LIVES 5700 (1940) broadside, addressed to the public, text in Hebrew, from Rabbinical Counsel of Tel Aviv. Starts with: “If you buy from the Traif [no-Kosher] butcher shop….”; circa 8.5 x 12 inches [PH cropped in catalogue; most of item on web]

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POLITICAL ANXIETY AND ITS TERRIBLE ECONOMIC RESULTS IN ERETZ ISRAEL broadside in Yiddish and English (one side each) from Central Committee of Knesset Israel, Jerusalem; undated but possibly 1920’s [PH cropped in catalogue; most of item on web]

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JEWISH RADIO LICENSE DATA SERVICES hstmp on Hungarian regist cvr

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ROMANIA 4 postal cards addressed to same person in Brooklyn, NY; pmkd JUD-IASI 1933, mss in Yiddish

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RUSSIAN JEWRY 1980-1995 cvrs, many regist, between Israel and USSR, also returned letters; some from “Israel Council for Soviet Jewry”; about 40 cvrs RULES OF JEWISH COMMITTEE from Koln, Germany 1879, in German JUDAICA RELATED CVRS 1970-2000 about 20 philatelic cvrs & other items; world-wide

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WORLD WIDE JUDAICA COVERS various countries & years; about 90 covers; addressed & un-addressed

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OCCUPIED AUSTRIA CITIZENSHIP PAPERS Scarce document from post-Anschluss Vienna, 1 p. oblong legal folio, ca. 1939, partially endorsed citizenship papers bearing Nazi eagle and swastika device on recto and verso and calling for the applicant to set forth full particulars of his racial heritage from grandparents, down. Applicants would be rated as "Deutschblut" (German / Aryan" blood), "Mischling 2nd Grade" (one parent non-Jewish), or "Mischling first Grade" (Jew - both parents Jewish). This applicant's form was never processed as the religion of one grandmother was unknown. The English translation for "mischling" is "mongrel".

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1941 'ILLUSTRIERTER BEOBACHTER' W/ ANTI-SEMITIC ARTICLE Sept 25, 1941 issue of Third Reich newspaper with illustrated article titled "Genossen' werden wieder Jueden" consisting of four telling photos with brief description of each.

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1930s ANTI-SEMITIC 'DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND' BOOK Softbound propaganda book (6"x9") filled with 63 pages including many B&W photos with captions. Good condition and scarce.

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DOWNFALL OF RUSSIA - BOLSHEVISM AND JUDAISM' Anti-Semitic booklet (5½x8½") from 1936.

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RACIO-POLITICAL FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE Anti-Semitic publications in English Apr 1937, Nov 1937, Mar 1938

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1941 'INTERNATIONALER VOELKERBREI' BOOKLET This 36pp. booklet titled 'International Racial Mix or United Nation-States of Europe' praises Nazi policies of anti-Semitism as protecting Europe and the human race from 'contamination' and 'poison' of Jewish 'parasites' and conspirators. Written by Dr. Robert Ley, Nazi politician and leader of the German Labor Front, and published by GLF in 1941, book is scarce piece of propaganda material, with only minor cover wear. Fine to very fine.

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1940s RARE ANTI-SEMITIC BOOKLET 'VOM PROLETEN ZUM HERRN!' A very rare anti-Semitic booklet from 1940 by Dr. Robert Ley, titled 'Vom Proleten Zum Herrn!,' translated as 'From Proletarian to Master!' Only 2,000 copies of this booklet were made, with very few surviving. Booklet is delicate but still fully intact. Measures 5¾"x8", 36 pages, with many illustrations inside and intact. Dr. Ley describes the way of the German people from a demoralized, weak and disunited nation to the strongest force in all Europe, all under the guidance of their beloved Fuhrer and Nazi leadership. Much bluster about superiority of German race and inferiority of all others, especially the Jew.

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PROPAGANDA 1930s 'NICHT FUER JUDEN' PLAQUE Metal plaque (3"x5½"), probably for mounting on door (holes at each edge for mounting) with black lettering translated as 'Not for Jews.' Some soiling from use. MAY BE A REPRODUCTION -- AS IS

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SARA & ISRAEL 2 used envelopes, both mailed in 1941, one from Vienna, other from Nuremberg, to recipients in the United States, with senders using 'Israel' and 'Sara' as their middle names, a forced common practice at the time so the government could know religious affiliation

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ANTI-SEMITIC CARDS 1 in color, seems to be German, Russian or Czech, 8 cards in all

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1930s ANTI-SEMITIC & OTHER PICTURE POST CARDS up of 9 different B&W or color post cards, some with anti-Semitic bent, others depicting turn of the century Jewish life. Interesting selection.

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