Lot #153 - world war one british

BRITISH FORCES (1) ARMY SIGNALS of 22.XI.17 and ARMY TELEGRAPH of next day on back of cvr to 7th Division offices, mss DRLS (Dispatched Rider Letter Service) (2) ARMY POST OFFICE SZ 32 OF 28 AU 18 (Bir Salem) to Cairo, censored, mss OAS EEF (3) FIELD POST OFFICE GM1 of 9 SP 18 on OHMS entire, to Jerusalem via APO SZ 9, DIRECTOR ARMY POSTAL SERVICES oval cachet at bottom left (4) FPO ‘A’ 27 DE 48 ties 2 d stamp to regist cvr, censored, BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 27 DE18 transit pmk

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world war one  

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