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April 8, 2019
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world war two


Lot #: 224

AUSTRIA April to June 1945 over 40 large documents relating to food distribution for residents or survivors of camps. Research required

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Lot #: 225

FROM GERMAN INTERNEES (1) JERUSALEM 6 AU 40 red boxed EXEMPT FROM POSTAGE POSTED UNDER ART 49 OF POSTAL CONVENTION, on back HAIFA ‘D’ 7 AU 40 & HEADQUARTERS THE PALESTINE POLICE FORCE hstmp (2) JERUSALEM ‘A’ 20 NO 41 unboxed blue hstmp same as above; on back oval FROM LABOUR CAMP ACRE, filing hole to side

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Lot #: 226

QUITTUNG NOTES from Theresienstadt, 1 2 5 10 20 50 & 100 Kronen

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Lot #: 227

FRENCH “FOREIGN AFFAIRSâ€ hstmpd with (French for) French Consulate in Prague; on visa passenger list with names on reverse, 1947 usage; 13 copies; cutout from auction page has $55 for one

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Lot #: 228

THE GERMAN OPPOSITION TO HITLER by Lawrence Wilson, Published 1963

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Lot #: 229

REVENUE STAMPS FOR TRANSFER OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS from Displaced Persons camps to transit points and then onto Palestine/Israel 1945-48, from France, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, US on piece or with hstmps about 50 pieces and 20 stamps

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Lot #: 230

1942 GERMAN FELDPOST 'WERT KEINEN PFENNIG' CARDS W/CHAMBERLAIN & W/CHURCHILL Scarce Feldpost cards with multicolored caricatures in place of stamp imprint, only a handful known and these are usually faulty. Each card has General Gouvernment issue franking on left tied by special '26.X.1943' 4th Anniversary 'Krakau' cds. Chamberlain card sent from soldier (Lg. P.A. Konisberg) to Father (Hamburg), with note on back, franked with Cracow Castle 10z (Scott N73); Churchill card unaddressed, franked with Hitler 24g + 1z (Scott NB34) top margin strip of 3, eagle on swastika selvage imprint. Very fine.

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Lot #: 231

HITLER BLACKED OUT 6 stamps (different as to denomination and color) – tied to piece

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