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April 8, 2019
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JUDAICA LABELS ETC. Large accumulation of hundreds (not counted) of labels, tags, seals, receipts, stamp, and the like; could be from Mandate period, post-1948, world-wide, some JNF; well worth a close look; nicely organized

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MANDATE COLLECTION 1 binder and 3 stockbooks with Palestine Mandate Stamps, est. 1000 mint & used. Mix condition with some small varieties included; more or les sorted

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MANDATE ERA ACCUMULATION various official documents, various hstmps, covers, etc.; some military; revenues on documents, air letter sheets (mint & used); nice mixture

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Lot #: 640

PALESTINE, ISRAEL, JUDAICA RELATED DOCUMENTS AND OTHER ITEMS Hundreds if not over a thousand items; can be most anything related. Items seen related to aviation, banking, commercial mail, Egged & Taxi mail, government forms and receipts, hotels, id cards, official mail, payment tokens, ration books, Red Cross, and travel tokens. Condition varies – some discolored – but generally fine; in 6 binders and 1 folder. I attempted to start organizing (as above) but it was too large a task. It would help if you could read Hebrew. NOTE: very heavy -- shipping will be expensive

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ISRAEL 1948-77 'EXPLORING JERUSALEM PHILATELY' EXHIBIT An exhibit that illustrates distinctive periods of Jerusalem's postal history. Starts with the British Mandate period and runs through the 1977 Peace Treaty with Egypt. Includes eight covers and postcards franked with Palestine stamps, a cover franked with Palestine stamp, Interim stamp and 3m First Coins Israel stamp, then 26 Israel covers, plus a few stamps. Specific highlights include cover autographed by James G. McDonald, First US Ambassador to Israel; and cover autographed by Moshe Dayan, military and political leader. Fresh, very fine and attractive exhibit.

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Lot #: 642

ISRAEL BASIC COLLECTION 1950 to 2000 mint tabs on 3 binders, a stock book, and a large envelope; another envelop with unsorted used stamp; another stockbook with unsorted used

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MINT ACCUMULATION various issues, can be tabs and/or singles, also many sheets; some souvenir sheets (a couple uses sheets); in 2 stockbooks and one folder; must be a couple hundred items

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TAB ROWS various issues mid-1970’s to mid-1980’s (circa) includes commemoratives and definitives; about 150 issued

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ISRAEL PLATE BLOCK COLLECTION appears to be complete 1948-1978, except for Bale Nos 7-9, 10-14, 18-20 and J1-5; also TAB BLOCKS 1969-1973; nicely mounted on MINKUS pages; NOTE: Doar Ivri block numbers 3 ($95) 56 91 117 137 and 150 ($100); to be removed from binder before shipping

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Lot #: 646

YEAR SETS 1979-80 (not complete) 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003; dealer price list for these is over $200

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PERSONALIZED SHEETS There are far too many to list or describe; a few that caught my eye: (1) 65th Anniversary Flag with Presidents, various scenes. Obama visit (2) Happy Holidays with Passover 2013 (3) Love with Disney, Hanukkah 2011 (4) In Memory with generic (5) Beach with Marcus. Afikoman 2010, Herzl [and special folder], Pope Benedict visit (6) Hugs & Kisses (7) Good Luck; over 60 covers; These were not offered by the Philatelic Agency!

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FIRST DAY COVER COLLECTION This is the definitive collection of Israel FDC. The seven plus large binders include nearly all FDC from 1948 thru 2014. The 1948 includes 1-6 tabs, 1-9 no tabs, 10-14 tabs (1987 Tsachor cert “tabs shortened to fit cover, Army PO #5 pmk); flag Plate Block on express regist FDC. The pre-1950 may be with or without tabs or short tabs. Eilat (1997 Meuntz cert: [paraphrase] added 2nd part of tab). Some covers from the mid 1960’s are addressed. Per vendor INCLUDES: all booklet FDC from Bale #7 onwards, all Landscape I, landscape II, Sheqel 7 Species, w/phosphor FDC 1976 Holidays error FDC Environment perf 13, complete set of the Olive Branch rate change covers, Chagall windows 1st set – signed by Chagall, Olive Branch rate change covers, 1985 SHOW FIP items,1.60 architecture – no stamp, SPECIMEN FDC set, ARDON WINDOW imperf, 1998 show booklet FDC of each page & booklet w/FD cancel, 1998 show sheet varieties, Months of year FDC of each of 7 printing dates, Clock tower booklet FDC of each pane, 2008 show booklet FDC of each page, Fruits sheet – all editions, Srulik stamp – all editions, GANGEA booklets -- all permutations INCLUDES sheets on FDC – especially the more modern sheets special booklets, self-adhesive booklets, “personalâ€ or “genericâ€ sheets, and “decorativeâ€ sheets. The collection also includes items that are not considered to be part of a “completeâ€ collection. These include: specimens, phosphors, errors, different days of issue, like all the tribes on one FDC, all the breastplate stamps on one FDC, multiple different dates of towns on one FDC, special sheets on cover, extra leaf of the yellow flower definitive, Environment perf 13 on FDC, tete-beche early items & later sheets on FDC, a few artist-signed items (one Chagall), different first days of the 1975 stand-by, prestige books each page FDC, and more.

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BALANCE OF COLLECTION / ACCUMULATION (1) FIRST DAY COVERS couple hundred including some unofficial (i.e. with paste on of publicity photos an combination covers) from 1970’s to 2010’s (2) SPECIAL CACHETS AND/OR CANCELS about 200; includes some show cards and other items (3) ISRAEL STAMPS small accumulation of various issues: singles, souvenir sheets, full sheets

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Lot #: 650

FIRST DAY COVERS Includes Plate or Tab Blocks, some SHAI covers, many (especially earlier) are addressed; per vendor also FD cancels from other than official locations; estimated 4,500 covers in 3 boxes

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Lot #: 651

LARGE SIZED FIRST DAY COVERS Sheets or booklets on FDC; seen (1) Halbanon (2) Hebrew Alphabet (3) Israel 1985 (4) Anemone (5) Evil Eye (6) Children Paint America (7) Telbul 2004 – clock tower - booklet and sheets (8) Bible Animal (9) 1998 show (10) 1998 Emergency stamp (11) See You Again (12) 2009 Astronomy (13) Tel Aviv Centenary (14) Tel Aviv booklet (15) World Heritage Booklet (16) Olive Branch, booklet & sheets (17) 1999 & 2000 Pilgrimage (18) Telebul 2004 My Own Stamp (19) Hula Nature Preserve (20) Sport Horses (21) Noah’s Ark Booklet (22) Keep in Touch (23) America Paint Israel AND MUCH MORE; There must be well over 200 covers (not counted) in all.

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LARGE SIZED FDC These includes the regular issues when FDC were on large sized cover, booklets, sheets, unofficial FDC and combination FDC. The majority are post 1990 FULL SHEETS and BOOKLETS on FDC that were not necessarily offered by the Philatelic Agency. Many different issues are noted: Scientific Concepts, various Greetings, various Sports, Months, Yad Vashem, Alphabet, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 2008 Census, Global Warming, and Polish Year in Israel, Fruits of Israel, Butterflies, Tourism, Vultures, and much more There well over 300 covers (not counted) in all. Note that some items are discolored.

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PLATE BLOCKS ON FIRST DAY COVER These BI-13 numbers:[pre 1960 issues] 49, 56-58, 29-30, 68-69 (no 70), 68-70 on 1 cover (2 diff), booklet B8, 71 (large cover), 60-65 (on 2 covers) 66-67, 93-96, 91, booklet B9 (see note), 133, 99, 79-85 & 138, 106 (see note), 117, 113-116, 118-129, 132, 131, 139-141, 134-6, 142, 143, 144-6, booklet B10, 147, 148-151, 152, 153, 154, 155-8, 159, 160-3, 167-9, 175-7, 166, 164, 165, 170; also many post 1960 issues;  may be addressed regist express -- not checked for full sets/may have duplicates;  over 250 covers in all; note: some as discolored at the edges

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DEALER’S STOCK & COLLECTION REMNANTS (1) STAMPS mint, used, tabs, singles, plate blocks; somewhat organized; (2) FDC, some addressed; (3) stationery mint & used (4) special event covers; MAKE AN OFFER

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1948-1951 COMMERCIAL CVRS (1) DOAR IVRI: 3 mil w/Tel Aviv Holiday, 15 mil w/ Cyprus special pmk, 15 mil w/UN special pmk,3 others (2) 1951 Independence, 2 cvrs (3) Tel Aviv, 2 cvrs (4) 3 others; 4 of these are regist

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COMMERCIAL AND OTHER COVERS (1)Mandate: Plate block or gutters on cvr, 1945 show; about 60 cvrs(2) Military: a few 1948 era, most 1970’s , about 70, many KBA numbers, a few censored (3) Doar Ivri: 1 censored to USA, about 45 in all (4) Modern ppc, mostly mailed (5) Various other covers, about 150 (6) a few West Bank 1948-67 cvrs (7) Mail to Palestine or Israel; M.E.F. airmail 1943 (8) Meters, mostly earlier (9) Various miscellaneous items, About 500 covers and others

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