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April 8, 2019
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art work

Lot #: 608

SZYK: TALES FROM CHAUCER The Canterbury Tales; illustrated by Szyk, New York Heritage Press, 1947, with slipcase; near PERFECT condition

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Lot #: 609

SZYK: THE UNITED NATIONS SERIES HISTORIC ARTS 4 page folder with depictions of album frontispieces; also other reprints of some of his work; includes green BILESKI letterhead, a couple of brochures and more

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Lot #: 610

CORONET MAGAZINE 24 different illustrations with famous quotations, from the early 1940’s, SCARCE AS A SET

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Lot #: 611

FOUR FREEDOMS SERIES (Speech, Religion, from Want, from Fear), in color, on 6 x 8 inch light cardboard, each autographed by Szyk in 1948, with accompanying label; minor damage (staining) at bottom; ALSO block of four of the labels matted

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Lot #: 612

COMMEMORATIVE PLATE FOR THE FOUNDING OF ISRAEL Depicts 1947 UN Partition map; on back: Dedicated to the Pioneers of Palestine; this is only second one we have seen (recent e-bay asking price $160)

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Lot #: 613

WARSAW 1945 'GUARDS BY THE WALLS OF THE GHETTO' COLOR PRINT characterizes two Nazi guards at wall of Warsaw Ghetto. Interestingly, guards are wearing patches of Ukrainian SS volunteers. Only 1,450 issued in Poland, 9½"x12¾", mounted on 12½"x17" black paper with title inscribed in three languages, English, French & Polish. First time we have seen anything like this. Fine condition.

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Lot #: 614

JOSEPH INTERPRETS PHARAOH’S DREAMS copperplate Italian engraving, probably 18th cent, engraved by I. Bianchi, margins trimmed to 9.5 x 8 inches; drawing is 9 x 6.5

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Lot #: 615

LEVITES IN THE TABERNACLE AND SANCTUARY WITH THE HOLY OF HOLIES hand colored probably 18th century German copperplate engravings; cropped at margins to 13 x 8 inches; drawing is 12 x 6.5; Latin text at top from Numbers 18:3; at bottom keys identifying objects; repaired tear [PH in 2 parts cropped]

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Lot #: 616

DRAWINGS FROM THE SIX DAY WAR by Dan Livni; 12 black and white drawings; 15 x 11 inches; a bit discolored (blackened area) to one corner) o/w VF (cover with larger blackened area at bottom)

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Lot #: 617

MOSES RECEIVES TABLETS ON MT. SINAI copperplate Italian engraving, probably 18th cent, engraved by I. Bianchi, margins trimmed to 9.5 x 8 inches; drawing is 8.5 x 6.5

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Lot #: 618

ZE’EV RABAN a teacher at Bezalel School of Art; four different prints made for the Biblical book, Song of Songs written by King Solomon, made according to the times in which Raban lived, i.e. Art Nouveau style, originally in the late 1920s. These prints were originally sold for $50 EACH in a Jerusalem art gallery on King George street.

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Lot #: 619

THE PARTING OF RUTH AND NAOMI by P Calderon, facsimile distributed by Hires Company; 6 x 5 inches with a ¼ inch margin, a bit of damage at the top

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Lot #: 620

THE GREAT HOSANNA CEREMONY ON THE 8TH DAY OF THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES – THE LEVITES CARRYING PALMS AND SINGING THE PSALMS AND CHANTS probably 18th century French copper plate engravings; cropped at margins to 17.5 x 12 inches; drawing is 16.5 x 11 [PH cropped & shown in two halves]

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