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April 8, 2019



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ZIONIST ORGANIZATION / YOUTH AND HECHALUTZ DEPT. letterhead, printed English letter dated 14 June 1950, folded and airmailed to USA (printed matter rate: 50pr first airmails & 10pr Mered coin) [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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1947 AGUDAT ISRAEL 5 different cards with Czechoslovakian stamps tied by the Organization dated cachet. Dated 20.VII.1947; black marks on back – fronts clean

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OUR ASHKENAZI BROTHERS WHO ARE HERE IN JERUSALEM 12 x 18 inch broadside, all Hebrew, mss dated 1919; from City Committee of the Ashkenazi Community “May it be Rebuilt…â€ folded & separations at folds; mss English translation; FRAGILE [PH cropped in catalogue, more on web]

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KEREN TEL CHAI “Those Who Gave Their Lives on the Gallowsâ€ sheetlet of 16 in brown and blue; 2 related covers

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DANZIG SYNAGOGUE mss letter on letterhead of Dr. Max Freudenthal, Rabbi of Danzig Synagogue, dated February 1904; his hstmp & signature at bottom; file holes to side & tape reinforced on back

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ESHKOLON – JEWISH WRITERS AND JOURNALISTS entire and enclosed mss letter signed by M. Sambatyaon, President [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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JEWISH BUKOWINER RELIEF donation solicitation entire, pmkd JERUSALEM 12 NO 40, addressed to USA, censor hstmp; hstmp regarding usage of printed matter; flap missing

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ANNEXES, APPENDICES & MAPS TO THE REPORT BY THE UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL COMMITTEE OM PALESTINE TO THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY Geneva 31 August 1947; 104 pages; 3 maps in back pocket; except for some discoloration at top of cover & some pages F

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BUILDERS OF THE HOMELAND 30 biographies and photographs of Zionist leaders, photos are 6 ½ x 8 inches; published by Lion The Printer, Tel Aviv for the Zionist Organization, Youth Department; 3 booklets of 10 each

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EINSTEIN FDC about 50 FDC with an Einstein stamp and/or cachet; also some stamps; various countries

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JEWISH MERCHANTS ON ITALIAN STAMPS 9 stamps with “tabsâ€; typed pages relate the story of advertising tabs on Italian stamps and that these 9 have Jews

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MAIMONIDES 850TH ANNIVERSARY small commemorative album with stamps and covers issued for this; also some loose

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BRITISH PASSPORT - PALESTINE Issued Dec18 1930 in Jerusalem to Abraham and Reweha Pantis; various European handstamps

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POLISH YIDDISH WRITERS & POETS pre-World War One, 7 different

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RIGA WEDDING INVITATION June 1939; inside nice, part of a sticker on outside peeled off; text in English and Yiddish

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THE GOVERNING COMMITTEE OF THE HEBREW COMMUNITY IN KAMENITZ-PODOLSK in UKRAINIAN PEOPLES REPUBLIC This is an official affirmation of a marriage. From the names, it is assumed that the man is a Jew and the woman is a gentile. The stamps are of the Ukrainian People's Republic which was a short-lived independent country that emerged after the fall of the Czar in 1917 and before the establishment of the Soviet state. The trident symbol (in the handstamps) was used as a symbol of Ukrainian nationalism. It was used to overprint stamps used by the Ukrainian People's Republic and revived and used by current Ukraine. The Ukrainian People's Republic was absorbed as a republic in the USSR in the early 1920s as a result of the outcome of the civil wars. [This from an e-mail received by the vendor.] There are more stamps on the back.

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LUBOML STADTPOST 5 10 20 25 & 50 values tied by individual 13.XI.18 pmks to piece

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LUBOML STADTPOST 5 10 20 25 & 50 values perfed and imperfed sets

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HACHALUTZ Polish organization’s 1933 convention (in Ludz) ticket, folded as expected

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RAMOT Sales document for a house (or property) bought in November 1934, includes a map of the area, and two receipt documents, age stains & folds (as to be expected)

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