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DO NOT DISMEMBER THE HOLYLAND 4 page (12 inch pages) article by Judah Magnes; per text “to appear in the New York Times Set 28, 1947â€; mss markings; one quote (if I may) “Partition will not stop the terrorist activities of the Jewish groupsâ€. He supports the minority report. Interesting reading. [A very fast check did not find this in the on-line archives.]

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BANK OF HEAVEN – NEW YEARS GREETINGS 3 different as to paper & color, 365 Days of Health Wealth & Happiness

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PALESTINE – ENGLAND 1946 stampless privilege air letter sheet to England from Cpl Potter F/C RAF, Lydda MEF; FPO 16 AP 46 office 28; The text of the letter deals with the handling of incoming mail and the situation in Palestine [partial transcript sent by e-mail on request]

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RUSSIAN PC printed text on back orders him (a Jewish person) to appear at work and to bring his passport, dated 28.12.41 [back in catalogue, front on web]

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ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI USA & ENGLAND DRAWINGS AND PHOTOS FROM GERMAN NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES; from an exhibition -- 26 large pages with Text in French, English and German. Possible related stamps tied by Austrian postmarks. (Probably a unique exhibit). PH croppped

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GERMAN DER RING MARCH 1934 magazine (covers separated from spine); has anti-Semitic article

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Anti-Semitic stamp Hungarian “Either of These cost a pennyâ€

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1940s ANTI-SEMITIC LEAFLETS Selection of 4 anti-Semitic leaflets. Includes: (1) red paper (4"x5") with black printing 'JUDEN sind in den Werdenfelser...unerwunscht!'; (2) manila paper (6"x4") with printed image of 3 men (each with communist symbol), with 'RAUB DAS GERAUBTE' in 4 languages, 'N6' in corner; (3) gray paper (4"x6") printed image of 2 men, 1 with star of David, 1 with English flag, 'Londoner Hilfeschrei: 'Stehe auf, o Israel!'; (4) rare foldout, changes from 1 portrait to 4 (from 5"x6" to 9¼"x10¼"), 'Wer stort den Frieden?'. Interesting group. Very fine

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GERMANY 1943 DER SCHULUNGSBRIEF MAGAZINE Nazi Party with Anti-Semitic & Anti US articles. Der Schulungsbrief was the Nazi Party’s monthly for political education. It attempted to present Nazi ideology in a way understandable to the masses. Party block wardens encouraged every household to subscribe. These are thirteen issues from 1942-1944, the years the balance of the war clearly shifted. In January 1942, it was possible for a German to think the war could be won. By April 1944, it was hard to believe that things were going well. July/August 1943. The cover translates as “The People at Work.â€ The first article is titled “A Great Age - Great Accomplishments.â€ Two articles review European history. An article records a soldier’s wedding. Other articles look at food rationing, the causes of the war, and the influence of Jews in the USA. http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/schul43.htm

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VICTORY IN THE WEST the war film report of the army with many pictures thinking about war and film taken from the film submitters of Berichterstaffel the supreme commander of the army of the propaganda campaign on the front in 1941 companies and squads of Army Filmstelle 48 not paginated pages with contributions by war submitters Ertl KG von Stackelberg Sigmund Graff HH Henne and Heinz Kluth and taken up at the front of the film submitters of Reported Season of the Commander of the Army of the propaganda companies and squads of Army Filmstelle Magnificent original photos Belgium Eben Emael Dunkirk baton Flanders battle tanks against tanks assault boats across the Rhine thinking about war and film the Maginot line Enz large format 270 x 360 mm Berlin German [http://www.antiquitaeten-antiquariat.de/Weltkrieg-II-und-Nationalsozia/S... ] [NOTE: As the item is far too large for my scanner, I took a photo from a web site. It has Swastika has removed and text in blue added. The item itself has the Swastika and no blue text.]

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SYMPHONICA DIABOLICA MAUTHAUSEINSIS reprint of ppc as part of 1946 anniversary of camp’s liberation, pmkd 5 May 1946

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ottoman period


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PETAH TIKVAH PER OSTER POST (ST. 705) on cvr front, on arrival JAFFA OSTER POST

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GERMAN FELDPOST MIL. MIS EXPEDITIONSKORPS 25-8-16 on UPU ppc (Nablus) [Collins-Steichele 257];

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GERMAN MIL. MISS. AOK4 FELDPOST 4-10-1916 full clear strike on back of UPU ppc (Mosque of Aksa), addressed to Germany [Collins-Steichele 253]

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GERMAN MIL. MISS. AOK4 FELDPOST 22-4-1917 [Collins-Steichele 253] on FELDPOST; GERMAN FLIGHT KORP IN TURKEY violet hstmp per Collins-Steichele this hstmp was used on incoming airmail

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CAIFFA 1 3-5-16 on ppc [Collins-Steichele PM 12] addressed to Berlin;; two Turkish hstmps

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GERMAN JERUSALEM FELDPOST 21-8-1917 [Collins-Steichele 255]; GERMAN FLIGHT KORP IN TURKEY violet hstmp per Collins-Steichele this hstmp was used on incoming airmail

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GERMAN JERUSALEM FELDPOST 26-9-1917 partial strike on back of UPU ppc (Western Wall), [Collins-Steichele 255]

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DEUTSCHE FELDPOST 26.11.17 on ppc (Nazareth) addressed to Germany

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