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ISRAEL DEFINITIVES 1970-2000, top corner stamp from sheet with margin bearing PRINTING DATES on commercial covers; also some commemoratives, various usages, mostly inland; over 100 cvrs.

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ISRAEL COMPUTER LABELS Includes DOARMAT and SIMA issues between 2004 and 2010; different machine numbers and/or values; over 40 sets, some duplication; all MNH; high face values at issue was over 1,000 NIS – about $270

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ISRAEL POSTAL CARDS FOR "CHANGE OF ADDRESS" complete sets of LEFT and RIGHT phosphor varieties, some are Very Rare, including color varieties; 16 different MINT. Bale about $400

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ISRAEL 1948-1951 EARLY COMMERCIAL COVERS Most with DOAR IVRI stamp; includes 17 regular, 16 triangular postmarks, and printed matter cvrs. The lot includes one cvr to Prof. Chaim Weizmann President and 10 to David Ben-Gurion. Over 70 cvrs in all; condition varies. a few slightly stained

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1967-1986 ISRAEL FISCAL HISTORICAL This is a major comprehensive collection – a specialized study – of Zahal (IDF) revenues, in Judea, Samaria, Gaza Strip and Sinai. There are a variety of documents with different ISRAEL and ZAHAL AGRA FISCALS. All different uses: EXIT permits (three generations or types), items from Allenby and ADAM Bridges, via Sinai and other crossing points. There are Zahal Pilgrimage to Mecca, payment vouchers, extension forms, commands cachets, visitors from abroad, letters of request, Surety Bonds, different form and taxation including almost all fiscals used, some with MIXED FRANKING. This is the greatest collection of this material ever offered with documents and cut-outs; minimal duplication; over 360 documents in 2 large volumes, 1 small volume, and a package.

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JORDAN WEST BANK, JUDEA AND SAMARIA POSTAL CABLES AND TELEGRAMS 1950-1967 AND MORE The collection includes Post offices and agencies, postmarks on official cables and other documents. Bonus items include Palestinian Authority [metal and rubber pmks -- 28 different)], ZAHAL pmks on cvr, and “Undercover Mailâ€ British forms used as late as 1954. There are over 140 cables with different postmarks and over 60 cvrs, and many cut-outs, all commercial

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PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 1994-2005 Mint collection on 'LINDNER' hingeless pages; also included are: sheetlets of the SILVER stamp, and some of the rare Jericho locals FILS over prints all MNH, President Clinton’s 1998 visit, Pope John Paul II pilgrimage covers, different local postmarks [very rare] and more. MNH, over 30 cut-outs

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PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVERS Over 30 different, also special events cvr sets and small accumulation of 4 towns with 3 period cvrs

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ISRAEL AND 1967 TERRITORIES FISCAL / REVENUES COLLECTION Including definitives, Agra, Accounting, also Gaza Strip and Judea Samaria, various but not all issues; includes varieties, also few sheets/ sheetlets, some covers, last day pmks Gaza & Jericho; BONUS: some covers & documents

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JNF LABELS COLLECTION Singles, pairs, blocks, also imperforated, color separations, errors, ad more; all different personalities, localities etc. ,a few booklets and other items; over 310 mostly different.

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INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPONS COLLECTION 1960-2000 different types, overprints, some with Territorial 1967 Postmarks. Also included are PROOF PRINTS on red paper and 1994 last day Israel Zahal marks. Over 100 different

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ISRAEL POST COMPUTERIZATION ERA PRESENTATION 1990-2010: Collection of Mint computer registration, A.R. (Advise of Receipt), Express and other labels in sheetlets and singles and on commercial CVS; most cvrs with various Computer labels showing various rates and usages; Also 5 types of MASAD labels on cvr’; all commercial, over 160 cvrs and 70 cutouts; in X2 volumes. Difficult to assemble.

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ISRAEL SHUKAF & NIVDAK COVERS In an alert against mail bombs much mail was checked. Two types of hstmps were applied -- SHUKAF (x-rayed) NIVDAK (checked) as well as various labels. The collection features different types of hstmps: triangular, ellipse, circular, Box, etc., different shapes and colors. There are also hstmps for Institutions, and government officials (such as President, Minister of Defense). The collection has over 10 different Mint labels (in pairs etc.) and over 90 cvrs with dozens of different cachet types, color etc.

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ISRAEL POSTAL STATIONERY 1950-2000 This is a specialized collection of Aerogrammes, Inland Letter sheets, postal cards, Pik-o-lets (2 different types, 45 in all), etc. Included are high value special sunflower and Yakinton postal cards; the collection includes over 100 mint and 50 used items.

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Book - Jerusalem - The French Post Office in Holyland 1843 – 1914

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Jerusalem. The French Post Office in Holyland 1843 – 1914
By Raphael Livnat, de l’Academie de Philatelie.
This is an exceptional study mainly based on consular and diplomatic archives, which has expanded the current knowledge. It tells the history of the French post in the Holy Land since the inauguration in July 1843 of a French consulate in Jerusalem, which established a consular courier service. Thus was followed in 1846 by a private post of 'Santelli and Micciarelli' between Jerusalem to Beirut. Six years later in 1852 in Jaffa a shipping agency and a French post was established with Santelli appointed distributor. The main activity of the Jaffa post was related to 'The French post of Jerusalem', which was be closed in 1880 and re-opened in 1900 as the main Post Office.   In 1906, the French post office in Haifa French was opened. These offices all closed on 1 October 1914.
The history is supplemented by the French postal rates and several others that are unpublished.  For example the Santelli and Micciarelli local tariff between Jaffa and Jerusalem which was curiously double the rate in the opposite direction from Jerusalem to Jaffa.   The local rates are also presented. The precursors of the ‘Jerusalem Cross' are listed with the dates of their uses and colors. The names of postal managers, their date of entry into service, and details about them and their activities are provided. Many other unknown details are made on the other French post offices in the Ottoman Empire, in Aleppo, Gallipoli, Metelin, Varna, Volvo and Tripoli City (the only and unique foreign post office established in Turkey on the initiative of the Ottoman local authority at the time when the ‘Sublime Porte’ calls foreign powers to close of their post office in Turkey).
The study also contains many unknown historical information about other foreign offices that operated in the Holy Land: Austria, Germany, Russia, Italy, and on the Turkish post itself.  Recorded information is provided on Lloyd’s shipping lines (which installed its agencies in 1853 in the Holy Land), and about the British shipping company (which served Jaffa from 1848 to 1851).  The articles of the treaties of capitulations, which relate to the establishment of foreign posts in the Ottoman Empire, are published. The postal conflict opposing Turkey and Foreign Powers is commented on with numerous archive documents, which finally prove that the Treaties, which would have legitimized the establishment of foreign post offices in Turkey, are only a legend.
More than 165 letters are reproduced, rare postage since the issue ‘Empire imperforated’ to the ‘Sage’ with rare destinations that are not found in any other French offices in Turkey. Obliteration known two - and three copies, a combination of two cancellations can one day only, registered letters, charge, postage, local, etc.
This is a book that any serious philatelist must read.
The book is A4 size, 400 pages with 120 in colors, paper 115 g satin. The price for one book including registered airmail and tracking number is: European community and Switzerland: 72 Euros. USA, Israel and other countries: 86 Euros. For regular airmail “BOOKâ€ (without registration) to all destinations the cost is 65 Euros.   Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.  
Please send all orders and make payment by PAYPAL to livnar@hotmail.fr
Please mention that you saw this in the NEGEV HOLYLAND AUCTION.

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