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April 8, 2019
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Lot #: 570

POSTAL MONEY ORDERS 1960-1995 different currencies, tax stamps, unused with attached counter-foil; includes items from Israel, West Bank, Gaza and Sinai; also very rare set with boxed ‘Shekelâ€ provisional cachet (conversion from Lirot); also some with ad

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Lot #: 571

MEDICAL PAYMENT TOKENS about 50 items, various organizations including Magen David Adom

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Lot #: 572

PRIVATE PAYMENT STAMPS (LABELS) Homemade binder with various payment stamps (labels) for products from different stores. There are 3, 4 or 5 labels glued to each page, with about 63 pages about 230 labels in all.

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Lot #: 573

1955 JERUSALEM CONSULAR LETTERS 7 different all requesting the Jordanian Foreign Office for a visa for one of a person; each has a consular handstamp; from Belgium (UN staff member), Italy (its own consul), France (secretary of the Consul), Vatican (secre

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Lot #: 574

THE EXODUS SONG the sheet music for the title song from the movie EXODUS

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Lot #: 575

VOTING PAGES 12 different, from mid-1950s’; parties include Poalai Eretz Israel, Mizrachi, Torah V’Avodah

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Lot #: 576

MATCH LABELS over 100 different

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