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April 8, 2019
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SZYK: ARABIAN NIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT - 1955 HERITAGE PRESS The Heritage Press, New York, 1955. Szyk, Arthur (illustrator). 2 volumes. Notes by those scholars who had previously translated the text into English from the Arabic, notably Henry Torrens, Edward

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SZYK_ BOOK OF JOB With Pictures by Arthur Szyk. From the Translation Prepared at Cambridge in 1611 For King James I With A Preface By Mary Ellen Chase and 8 Illustrations by Arthur Szyk. Published in 1946 by The Heritage Press, New York. VF – but slight

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SZYK_ BOOK OF RUTH Very lovely reprinting of the Limited Editions Club 1947 edition. Vivid print to the front board, on white and gray cloth. 7 gorgeous colored plates from Szyk; bound with uncut, accordion-style paper. Includes the Sandglass pamphlet to

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SZYK: RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM Fitzgerald, Edward VG Hardcover Color Illustrations The Heritage Club NY 1941 8.375 x 11". 75 verses, unpaginated, with 8 illustrations

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CORONET MAGAZINE 24 different illustrations with famous quotations, from the early 1940’s, SCARCE AS A SET

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SZYK: THE UNITED NATIONS SERIES HISTORIC ARTS 4 page folder with depictions of album frontispieces; also other reprints of some of his work; includes green BILESKI letterhead, a couple of brochures and more; INCLUDES plate blocks of Israel’s Third Festi

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SZYK CHINA FRONTISPIECE 10 x 11.5 inches on light card stock

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