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April 8, 2019



Lot #: 565Q

HAYOM (THIS DAY) NEWSPAPER 257; 9 November 1925; England holds her armies in Israel

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Lot #: 565R

HAYOM (THIS DAY) NEWSPAPER 258; 10 November; Resistance movement in Syria

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Lot #: 565S

HAYOM (THIS DAY) NEWSPAPER 269, 23 November, England and France are against the Hebrew movement in the West

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Lot #: 565T

HAYOM (THIS DAY) NEWSPAPER 281; 7 December; Today the League of Nations opens

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Lot #: 566

THE JEWISH TRIBUNE French language paper published in Cairo, Egypt; dated 31 March 1943, 4 pages, main headline “A Monster event in the US to condemn the Nazi atrocitiesâ€

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Lot #: 567

JUDISCHE RUNDSCHAU German language paper Theodor Herzl died July 3, 2004. This German newspaper, Judische Rundschau, was the official organ of the Zionist movement in Germany. This issue, dated July 15, 1904, comes barely 12 days after Herzl's death and i

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Lot #: 568

SHE’ARIM (GATES) Hebrew newspaper dated June 7, 1967; main headline Har Hazofim Captured; This was a the start of the Six Day War, 4 pages

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Lot #: 570

POSTAL MONEY ORDERS 1960-1995 different currencies, tax stamps, unused with attached counter-foil; includes items from Israel, West Bank, Gaza and Sinai; also very rare set with boxed ‘Shekelâ€ provisional cachet (conversion from Lirot); also some with ad

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Lot #: 571

MEDICAL PAYMENT TOKENS about 50 items, various organizations including Magen David Adom

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Lot #: 572

PRIVATE PAYMENT STAMPS (LABELS) Homemade binder with various payment stamps (labels) for products from different stores. There are 3, 4 or 5 labels glued to each page, with about 63 pages about 230 labels in all.

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Lot #: 573

1955 JERUSALEM CONSULAR LETTERS 7 different all requesting the Jordanian Foreign Office for a visa for one of a person; each has a consular handstamp; from Belgium (UN staff member), Italy (its own consul), France (secretary of the Consul), Vatican (secre

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Lot #: 574

THE EXODUS SONG the sheet music for the title song from the movie EXODUS

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Lot #: 575

VOTING PAGES 12 different, from mid-1950s’; parties include Poalai Eretz Israel, Mizrachi, Torah V’Avodah

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Lot #: 576

MATCH LABELS over 100 different

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