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April 8, 2019

world war two


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OSS FORGERIES: HITLER DEATH MASK (1) descriptive page with the 6 pf & 12 pf forgeries and the “death headâ€ FEUTSCHES REICH stamp (2) cover with the 6pf forgery and “death headâ€ stamp (3) cover with a miniature sheet of the “death headâ€ stamp

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FRENCH “FOREIGN AFFAIRSâ€ hstmpd with (French for) French Consulate in Prague; on visa passenger list with names on reverse, 1947 usage; 13 copies; cutout from auction page has $55 for one

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THE GERMAN OPPOSITION TO HITLER- AN APPRAISAL by Hans Rothfels; translated by Lawrence Wilson, Published 1963

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