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April 8, 2019



Lot #: 20

ENGRAVING USED FOR JNF STAMPS depicts Chaim Weizman, signed Ben Yanis; inscribed “ Dr. Chaim Weizman, First President of Israelâ€; 4.5 x 6 matted to 8.5 x 9.75

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JNF SHAI AND OTHER COVERS This is the most extensive collection of SHAI covers seen in many years, from 1948 thru 1997 but mostly 1970’s and on; the OTHER includes special event & commemorative items; about 250 – 300 items in all; condition varies

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Lot #: 22

BRAZIL: (1) 5 stamps showing a tablet depicting the Ten Commandments; values 200 400 500 10000 & 50000 (2) smaller labels (ESPIRITO SANTO) with same; values 1 2 5 10 20 & 50

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Lot #: 22A

AUSTRIA about 56 Austrian stamps with Judaica related tabs for Zionism, Herzl, Anne Frank, synagogues, Jabotinsky, holocaust, etc.

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Lot #: 23

GREAT CHARITY CLOTHING FUND (BEALS 68.15 etc.) booklet panes (1) imperf blue on white paper, (2) imperf blue on greyish paper, (3) perfed blue & pink, (4) roulette, yellow & pink (this block of 4);

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Lot #: 24

JEWISH WELFARE COMMITTEE AMERICAN SOLDIERS & SAILORS (BEALS 85) apparent full booklet with 10 panes of 10 stamps; front cover loose; back cover dirty

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Lot #: 25

JUDEA SITES sheetlet with four self-adhesive strips of 3 (and one extra strip) depicting Cave of Machpela, Temple Mount, Joseph’s Tomb; issued by settler’s organization; handle with care as stamps may come loose

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Lot #: 26

CHARITY BOOKLETS (1) United Charity Institutions of Jerusalem Rescue Fund (2) General Israel Orphans House – Matzoh fund (3) same for Emergency Fund

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Lot #: 26A

PALESTINE / ISRAEL VIEWS sheetlet of 20 black & white labels depicting various scenes [PH cropped in catalog; full on web]

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Lot #: 28

PALESTINE VIEWS 8 different, in blue on off white card stock: Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Nativity, Manger. On back: “Flowers from the Holylandâ€ (no flowers); from a booklet

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Lot #: 29

ISAAC HALEVI HERZOG Chief Rabbi Of Israel From 1936 to 1958, mss letter to Rabbi Binyamin, text regards his offered to poet David Shimonovitch to write a threnody for Memorial Day after Independence War and asks for payment.

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Lot #: 30

DAVID YELLIN Letter Sent From David Yellin Zionist Activist, Member Of Ottoman Parliament And Educator, writes that he did not receive receipt for a payment, Handwriting By David Yellin and signed; dated October 1936 Very Interesting

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Lot #: 31

AUTOGRAPHS (1) F Krausz designer of Hebrew University stamp on FDC (2) Fred Mousou, builder of ZOA house on FDC (3) A,Szyk on card with Holiday stamps

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1921 ZIONIST CONGRESS various Czechoslovak stamps tied by KARLOVY VARY 15.IX.21 pmks to regist cvr

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Lot #: 35

KEREN HABARZEL 2 Lira donation coupon on green paper

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Lot #: 36

1947 AGUDAT ISRAEL 5 different cards with Czechoslovakian stamps tied by the Organization dated cachet. Dated 20.VII.1947; black marks on back – fronts clean

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Lot #: 37

FOR AMERICAN UNITY sheet of 36 stamps issued by Jewish War Veterans of the USA in the 1940’s; in red/white/blue featuring US flag and soldier ; some perf seps [PH cropped in catalog; full on web]

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Lot #: 38

FOR AMERICAN UNITY sheet of 36 stamps issued by Jewish War Veterans of the USA in the 1940’s; designed by Szyk; depicts two soldiers and the wording WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE; some perf seps, vertical folds & thins [PH cropped in catalog; full on web]

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Lot #: 39

HEBRATE GOMLE HASSADIME donation receipt, pair label from MOROCCO tied by groups hstmp, dated August 1919

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