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April 8, 2019



Lot #: 40

HELP US SURVIVE from Emergency Committee to Save Palestine; top two rows of sheet (20 stamps) with upper margin; designed by Szyk; vertical fold

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Lot #: 41

BUILDING COMMITTEE OF THE ORPHAN HOUSE DISKIN-AUERBACH letterhead, mss text in German dated Jerusalem 22 October 1908; at bottom hstmp of Rabbinate of Palestine in Jerusalem; tape amended on back & a bit rough at right, VF for age [PH cropped in catalog;

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Lot #: 42

DER VORSTAND DER OERSTER. CHARITY RECEIPT In Yiddish and a bit of German; appears to be from Ottoman Period; long text on back side

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Lot #: 43

TORATH EMETH (1) Donation receipt, unused [item sealed in plastic wrap] (2) Membership document

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Lot #: 44

ALGERIAN GRAND RABBI mss telegram form dated (per hstmp in lower right) Constantine 3 Oct 1867; seal of Rabbinate In Constantine

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Lot #: 45

DAVID BEN-GURION FUNERAL / MEMORIAL SERVICE invitations, information for attendees, passes, arm band (for a photographer), button; apparently this was for members of the media

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Lot #: 46

GERMAN POSTCARD TUCHEL PRUSSIA JULY 29, 1872 sent by a Rabbi to a bookdealer (Worman) in Berlin; mss text asks for information on religious items; article in Fall 2014 American Philatelist included

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Lot #: 47

KETUBAH All Hebrew marriage certificate, seems to be 21 Kislev 5700 [3 December 1939], folded and age toning

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Lot #: 48

INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, CENTRAL OFFICE IN GENEVA dated Vladivostok 25 April 1920; typed French message asking for help with Hungarian prisoners; signed by George Montandon. From WIKIPEDIA (and translated) George-Alexis Montandon is a doctor, anthropolog

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Lot #: 49

PUBLICATIONS DE MARIAGE French document regarding the marriage in Toulouse of a man from KFAR VITKIN and lady frim ZUILI; in July 1949; French revenue stamp on front and ISRAEL CONSULAT A PARIS handstamp on back; folded and a bit rough on edges o/w VF for

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Lot #: 49A

BUILDERS OF THE HOMELAND 30 biographies and photographs of Zionist leaders, photos are 6 ½ x 8 inches; published by Lion The Printer, Tel Aviv for the Zionist Organization, Youth Department; 3 booklets of 10 each

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Lot #: 50

PRINCE IMMANUEL OF JERUSALEM hstmp on front of ppc from Sudan; on back same hstmp and Star of David

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Lot #: 51

JEWISH PHARMACY VOUCHER 1930; from Dr. T. Heinrich, in Warsaw

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Lot #: 52

STADTPOST LUBOML Blocks of four with 3 stamps and one blank label: 5 light green, 10 red, 20 green (this misperfed or misprinted (your choice), 25 blue. 50 dark green – apparently from a sheetlet. During WW I it was occupied first by Germans and then b

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Lot #: 53

RUSSIAN JEWRY -- LET MY PEOPLE GO 40 covers to & from USSR & Israel; different usages, markings, (including refusal); some registered & some with return receipt

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Lot #: 54

MAZZOTH-BEZUGSKARTE Matzo Reference Card, from Vienna dated 1918; person can buy up to 12 kilo of Matzot [back on web]

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Lot #: 56

HISTORY OF JEWISH MUNDART (DIALECT) 14 page pamphlet in German

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Lot #: 58

ANTI-SEMITIC POSTCARD from Germany; green card stock; 2 different, stained

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Lot #: 59

ANTI-SEMITIC POSTCARD from Hungary – vicious characterization of a Jew

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