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SERBIAN ANTI-SEMITIC FDC  This regular FDC was issued on Jan 1, 1942 for the GRAND ANTI-MASONIC EXHIBITION.  It has 4 stamps which are depicted as anti-Masonic but are virulently anti-Semitic. This is semi-postal issue and listed in Scott under Serbia as 2NB 15-18. Note the Stars of David on 3 of the stamps - the 0.50+0.50, 1 + 1, and 4+4 denominated values. The most vicious is the 1+1 which shows a snake endowed with numerous Stars of David being strangled!  The stamps show an issue date of 22.X.1941, but the FDCs were issued and dated Jan 1,1942.   The exhibition was an anti-Semitic exhibition that opened in October 1941 during World War II in Belgrade, capital of the Nazi Germany in occupied Serbia. This item is only one of possibly 2 or 3 truly anti-Semitic stamps ever issued (aside from the many Arab anti-Israel stamps).

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ANTI-SEMITIC POSTCARDS 8 different; 5 in color and 1 in leather; 6 unused & 2 used; mostly F-VF

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THE ETERNAL JEW publicity card for show in Munich December 1937; postmarked

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QUO VADIS Polish anti-Semitic 1 page leaflet against Jewish Bolsheviks, etc.,

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ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI USA & ENGLAND DRAWINGS AND PHOTOS FROM GERMAN NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES; from an exhibition -- 26 large pages with Text in French, English and German. Possible related stamps tied by Austrian postmarks. (Probably a unique exhibit). PH

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GERMAN DER RING MARCH 1934 magazine (covers separated from spine); has anti-Semitic article

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1940s ANTI-SEMITIC LEAFLETS Selection of 4 anti-Semitic leaflets. Includes: (1) red paper (4"x5") with black printing 'JUDEN sind in den Werdenfelser...unerwunscht!'; (2) manila paper (6"x4") with printed image of 3 men (each with communist symbol), with

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GERMANY 1943 DER SCHULUNGSBRIEF MAGAZINE Nazi Party with Anti-Semitic & Anti US articles. Der Schulungsbrief was the Nazi Party’s monthly for political education. It attempted to present Nazi ideology in a way understandable to the masses. Party block war

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VICTORY IN THE WEST the war film report of the army with many pictures thinking about war and film taken from the film submitters of Berichterstaffel the supreme commander of the army of the propaganda campaign on the front in 1941 companies and squads of

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ottoman period

ottoman period

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AUSTRIAN OFFICE JERUSALEM (STEICHLE #542) ties 2 soldi stamp to piece

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FRENCH OFFICE JAFFA number 5089 on 10 centime Napoleon stamp, this office was in Jaffa

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GERMAN STAMP (BF-08 #48-52) very nice hinged set

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ITALIAN OFFICES JERUSALEM BF-08 #31-38, also extra horiz perf near bottom of 2nd copy of 10 / 5 stamps

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PALESTINE TURKISH CENSOR on front of large sized wrapper mailed from Germany to Palestine in Sept 1917; similar one on large piece

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TURKISH OFFICE: JAFFA 2 (COLLINS PM15) date unclear -- possibly 1911 - ties two 10 para ovpt stamp to ppc addressed to Germany

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JERUSALEM 7/4/1897 on UPU addresses to Switzerland; Collins PM 7 rated “Câ€

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TURKISH JERUSALEM 2 ties red 10 and blue 10 pr stamps to ppc (Jerusalem – view from Antonia) addressed in Arabic; censor mark (Collins CM5) at bottom center in VIOLET – not listed in Collins as violet

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QUART ISRAELITE JERUSALEM dated 9/2/1899; addressed to Safed; opened on 3 sides; Collins PM 7 rated 150

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