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April 8, 2019



Lot #: 141

1941 DEFENSE REGULATIONS PROTECTED AREA SPECIAL PURPOSE PASS, issued by the Military Commander of the Galilee district

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Lot #: 142

PALESTINE POSTS, TELEGRAPHS & TELEPHONES 4 telegram forms and 4 receipts, various dates & locations

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Lot #: 143

PALESTINE POLICE FORCE discharge document for one Baruch Meir; folded & a bit stained (on one side)

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Lot #: 144

RATION BOOK for various food stuffs in the Tel Aviv area, partially used, for a Rivkah Freidman

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Lot #: 145

PALESTINE POSTS, TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES AGREEMENT FOR TELEPHONE EXCHANGE SERVICE for SHAARE TZEDEK HOSPITAL; per hstmp this is for revision of the charges for exchange lines that took effect 18 June 1938; signed by officer of organization; 4 pages;

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Lot #: 146

VISAS FOR ENTRY INTO PALESTINE (1) Belgium March 1940 (2) Latvia September 1935 (3) British The Hague Dec 1939 [on back: France January 1940] (4) British August 1942 [on back: Baghdad to Trans-Jordan]

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world war two


Lot #: 147

SERVICES OF PRISONERS OF WAR hstmp on cvr addressed to Jerusalem; two censor marks on front; on back censor tape; on flap soldier’s name, location, and “Australiaâ€ (back on web)

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Lot #: 148

BRITISH FIELD POST OFFICE 51 of 8 SP 41 ties 3 penny stamp to regist cvr addressed to Haifa, same pmk on r-label; on back: FPO 120 transit & Haifa arrival pmk

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Lot #: 149

AIR MAIL LETTER CARD FPO NO. 53 13 NOV 43 (VF strike on back), mss FREE, addressed to England; censor hstmp

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Lot #: 150

ARMY FORMS C1236 – MESSAGE FORM ARMY SIGNALS hstmp of 20 VIII 46; typed message; text regards army equipment; fragile, rough at bottom [cropped in catalog, full on web]

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Lot #: 152

JEWISH BRIGADE FIELD POST OFFICE 690 of 23 AP46 (year not clear), sent to Dina Ben-Zvi in Givatayim, with single line cachet of Palestine Regiment

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Lot #: 153

AUSTRALIAN FORCES regist cvr addressed to New South Wales, R-label with typed TRAV PO AIF 862; censor hstmp 506; backstamp on arrival

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Lot #: 154

RED CROSS FORMULA ENQUIRY SHEET 1942 from Werner Seidel, Tel Aviv, to his brother Gerog, of Berlin. Actually in Alt Moabit (there area where Berlin’s Jews were forced to move); dated 5 Dec 1942; stating ‘No News from parentsâ€ (as they probably were deport

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Lot #: 155

US ARMY POSTAL SERVICE #682 mss FREE; 2 covers: May 22 & Aug 22 1944; both censored, from same person to same address; this office was in Palestine

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Lot #: 156

WEIMAR-BUCHENWALD cover pmkd 24.1.1941 WEIMAR-BUCHENWALD; addressed to Vienna; letter sheet that was probably inside included (this on web)

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Lot #: 157

DACHAU LETTER SHEET pmkd 26.1.45, addressed to Prague, censored [PH cropped in catalogue, full in web]

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Lot #: 158

FURSTENBERG pmkd 7/6/1944, addressed to Vienna, censored, flap missing

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Lot #: 159

ORANIENBERG pmk 11.12.42, censored, addressed to Vienna; card has “Sachenhausenâ€

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Lot #: 160

PRISONER OF WAR LETTER SHEET addressed to Erika Schwarz in Vienna, Germany; dated 30 Oct 1944; from Alexander Schwarz POW camp Ft. Benning in USA [PH has item folded to show outside, inside on web]

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Lot #: 161

UNRRA AREA TEAM MEMBER BOOKLET, name of Herbert Stein in Eschwege, Germany’ coupons for breakfasts and dinners; with cancel of DP Assembly center, camp leader; also additional baggage tag

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