88th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
August 13, 2017



Lot #: 358

SZYK HAGGADAH reprint; other than a bit of discoloration on pages next to covers, VF; person’s name on front cover

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 359

SZYK ALBUM FRONTISPIECES Canada, USA, USSR, Israel, Airmails (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 360

SZYK LIBERIA full sheets of 20 of the 1 2 3 5 25 and 50 cent stamps; each sheet signed in the lower selvege by Szyk

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 360A

SZYK LIBERIA full sheets of 20 – various values, multiples of each –many stuck down to cardboard; each sheet signed in the lower selvege by Szyk

Start: $25 Buy


Lot #: 361

BIBLICAL RELATED PRINTS AND/OR WOODCUTS 19 different; some wear at edges; just some titles (1) Judgement of Adam and Eve (2) Jerusalem Taken Captive into Babylon (3) Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still (4) Fall of Nineveh (5) Judith Showing the Head of Holofernes (6) Solomon and Queen of Sheba (7) Esther Finds Favor (9) The Deluge (10) Rebuilding Jerusalem

Start: $135 Buy
Lot #: 362

ABSALOM’S PILLAR, VALLEY OF JEHOSHAPHAT colored print, 6.5 x 8. inches, matted; published by D. Appleton & Co under the title “Wilson’s Picturesque Palestine” circa 1881

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 363

HEBRON lithograph , 4.5 x 3 inches, matted, circa 1879

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 364

PUBLIC FOUNTAIN AT JAFFA colored print 6.5 X 9.25 inches, matted; published by D. Appleton & Co under the title “Wilson’s Picturesque Palestine” circa 1881

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 365

VIEW OF THE CITY OF JERUSALEM etching, circa 1821, by T Kelley from a painting by WM Craig, 8.75 x 6.25 inches, matted

Start: $85 Buy
Lot #: 366

RUINED SYNAGOGUE AT MEIRON color print 5 x 3.5 inches, matted

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 367

ZE’EV RABAN 2 prints – Tisha B’Av and untitled (Rabbi teaching children), apparently part of a set

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 368

FEAST OF TABERNACLES color copperplate, depicting building of the Sukkah; circa 19th century, 7.5 x 5.25 inches, matted

Start: $135 Buy
Lot #: 369

MOUNT TABOR steel engraving from a color painting by WH Bartlett; published in London, 7 x 4.75 inches, circa 1839, matted

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 370

VESPASIAN ARC OF TRIUMPH, colored copperplate depicting the plunder of the temple vessels, including the Menorah being carried off to Rome by Titus Vespasian 5.75 x 3.5 matted, circa 18th century

Start: $85 Buy


Lot #: 371

A NEW MAP OF PALESTINE AND THE HOLYLAND dated 1882 by Augustsus Mitchell; 12 ¼ x 15 inches; depicts locations of 12 tribes; inset of Jerusalem; on back map pf India, China, Tibet, and South East Asia [PH cropped]

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 372


Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 373

ADOLF IN BLUNDERLAND This is a political parody of Alice in Wonderland and "is one of the most hilarious take-offs of Hitler and his henchmen that has appeared."by James Dyrenforth and Max Kester; 60 pages. Illustrated in black and white throughout including four full-page illustrations. This is a 2nd edition

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 374

FISCHKE DER LAHME: SFORIN, by Mendele Mojcher; with 26 lithographs by Anatoli Kaplan; in Geman; 174 pages with dust cover and slipcase; printed Leipzig, Germany 1978 BONUS:  22 x 16 cm original titled drypoint signed in pencil by Kaplan, loose as published in black cloth covered boards,

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 375

MAZEL AND SHLIMAZEL : OR THE MILK OF A LIONESS by Isaac Bashevis Singer. This is the 1967 edition Signed on inside front "To Sylvia who is a child with the soul of a child" and signed by author.

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 376

PICTURES WITHOUT WORDS German book BILDER OHNE WORTE; 30 pages, many illustrations; paperback small private press publication (Berlin: Fritz Heyder [1924]), featuring 17 woodcuts by Max Liebermann, artist & printmaker, 30 pages,

Start: $25 Buy