88th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

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August 13, 2017
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Lot #: 346

EGYPT OVPT PALESTINE not listed in Bale

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Lot #: 347

REGISTRATION LABELS (1) 1948-1967 West Bank of Jordan (2) Gaza, Sinai, and West Bank 1967-1994; various localities; some in pairs or blocks of four; included are some errors [including duplicate numbers from El-Arish] handwritten agencies, and parcel post & express labels,

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Lot #: 348

PALESTINE OVPT ON TRANSJORDAN all from Jerusalem to same address in USA (1) 2 JA 50, airmail entire, boxed AV2 hstmp (2) 1 JU 50 regist airmail entire, various backstamps (3) 20 AP 50 regist. various backstamps; various stamps on each

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Lot #: 349

1948-1967 WEST BANK OR JORDAN FISCALS ON DOCUMENTS about 70 different documents with various stamps and handstamps; items from Greek Orthodox Patriarch, Public Service Bureau, British & Foreign Bible Society, Arab Chamber of Commerce; document with regular postage stamps ovpt for usage as revenues, Village Head cachets on document. Top collection – never offered before

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Lot #: 350

UNITED NATIONS MIDDLE EAST PEACE FORCE AND OTHER RELATED for West Bank documents, covers, letters, etc.; dated 1950’s on onwards; includes requests for visas and/or pass permits, receipts, and id card; over 20 items in all

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Lot #: 351

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY; VOLUME ONE: mostly mint never hinged (some CTO and pieces) accumulation including some sheetlets; local overprints in violet, red, or black; Jericho local; rubber overprinted FILS; official stamps (in violet and black); landscape set with violet cachets; stamps depicting British Mandate stamps, 1999 Christmas in silver and in black, other sets and souvenir sheets VOLUME TWO: covers and cut-outs; including scarce early postmark types (bridge), post office openings (1 Jan 1995 & 8 Nob 1995), later commercial covers with Israel ZAHAL/IDF period (1970-1990) and Palestinian Authority (1994 onwards) from same locality; Total of over 35 IDF and 50 Palestinian Authority commercial covers; BONUS #1 Special event covers: Clinton and Papal visits, 2000 millennium (about 35 covers);BONUS #2 Palestinian Authority cut outs of FRANCOTYPE MACHINES - meter postage from Gaza and Jericho (about 15 different), about 10 ‘bridge’ type covers – mostly First Day and 70 later covers BONUS #3 official notices to the public, articles and table TOTAL IN VOLUME TWO: over 130 covers and 130 cut-outs, receipts, IRCs, a phone card, meter proofs, and more

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Lot #: 352

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY Very nice collection; (1) 1994 first issue in singles and pairs from bottom of sheetlets (2) 1995 overprint of first issue in singles and/or pairs from bottom of sheetlets (3) apparently most if not all 1995 thru 2001, includes stamps and souvenir sheets and some sheets [may not be complete] (4) 1994 Officials (5) Pope John Paul II 2000 visit cachets; all are never hinged (spot checked) Note: numbers on pages may not be accurate.

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Lot #: 353

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 1994 ONWARDS (1) mint collection between 1994 and 2000 including Jericho local and FILS overprints, officials, complete sets of views on cover, singles, souvenir sheets, sheetlets; also the SILVER issue in blocks of four; (2) COLLECTION OF COVERS: First Day 08 NOV 1995 (including 13 cutouts), mobile post office in cutouts, commercial covers (plain & registered) & special events BONUS: a few exit/entrance permits; over 80 covers and 13 cutouts in 2 volumes

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Lot #: 354

JERICHO LOCALS FILS overprints on views & landscapes complete set used on cut outs VR VF JERICHO LOCALS FILS FLAGS complete set used on cut outs VR VF

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Lot #: 356

OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS entire for internal usage (on bottom: FOR INTERNAL USE IN THE POSTAL SERVICE –POSTAL MANAGER EL ARISH) sent registered; addressed in Arabic; red wax seals on back – starting to deteriorate; postmarked EL ARISH 12.5.79 & backstamped GAZA 13.5.79 [back on web]

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Lot #: 357

The Commissioner of Postal Affairs of the West Bank, Jerusalem This label in Hebrew and Arabic on two registered covers: YATA 3.6.89 & YA’ABAD 9.6.80; same pmks on back

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