88th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
August 13, 2017



Lot #: 501

PALESTINE LANDSCAPE JNF brown (Kaplove 40) tied by pmk to ppc (Tiberias view – black paper stuck to upper left), sent from Pilzen, 1912, to Triest.

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 502

JNF CERTIFICATE, 1969, for tree planting by pupils in the "Brother to Brother" forest in the name of children in countries (printed Hebrew spelling error) prevented of doing that.

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 503

1921 picture postcard of 3 youngsters in Zichron Yaakov holding pistols (despite the danger of arrest for holding fire arms), favor cancelled ZICRON 21 JU 21, Dorfman 3, "G" ($200-350).

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 504

ELIE WIESEL 1987 signed typed letter of Jewish Nobel Laureate on his stationery with matching stationery envelope [PH cropped in catalog, full on web]

Start: $100 Buy
Lot #: 505

AUTOGRAPHS OF ERETZ-ISRAEL PERSONALITIES: (1) Y. Rokach, Tel-Aviv Mayor on TLV municipality letter, (2) Yoseph Weitz, land and settlement planner of the JNF, on 2 1939 JNF receipts, (3) Moshe Carmel, General and minister (the Carmel Brigade of the War of Independence that he commanded is named after him) on 1964 2-page handwritten letter + his damaged cover from Paris, (4) Shmuel Tamir, lawyer of the Kasztner trial, and Minister, on typed 1971 Knesset stationery letter

Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 506

COMITE EXECUTIF de la CONFERENCE UNIVERSELLE JUIVE DE SECOURS 1928 French postcard acknowledging from Jerusalem the receipt of money, with cachet and Hebrew notation. (vert fold) [One side in catalogue, both on web]

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 507

KEREN HAYESSOD illustrated receipt, dated 1920, from the Austrian Zionist Committee to Dr. Egon Zweig in Vienna (from the family of the author Stefan Zweig).

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 508

13TH MACCABIAH GAMES FIRST DAY PICTURE POSTCARD, signed by all 12 athletes that were honored to represent the previous 12 Games in the opening parade of the Opening Ceremony, including Henry Hershkovich and Shaul Ladany (that are inducted in the Int. Jewish Sports Hall of fame), etc. [PH cropped in catalog, full on web]

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 509

MACCABIAH GAMES 11 Maccabiah Games items (6th – certificate, 7th usher badge + postcard & ID, 8th - Airmail card, 9th – usher badge), plus 7 other sports stickers (4 Hapoel games – 9th, 11th, 13thx2, etc.)

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 510

SOMMERLAGER des V.Z.M. / CERMNA na ORL / C.S.R Summer Camp of the Zionist Organization of Moravia (V.Z.M. = Verband Zion, Moravia). Cachet top left. Czech 1.20 K imprinted stamp postcard sent to Vienna. Message in German mentions daily study of Hebrew. Dated 8/1833 (Small pinhole in top margin).

Start: $80 Buy
Lot #: 511

MACHSIKEI EMUNO Jewish Religious School in Zurich, Switzerland, donation telegram of "circa 1920's, sent to Berlin

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 512

BEIT OLIM (NEW IMMIGRANTS ABSORPTION CENTER), 1949, PARDES HANNA 3 covers (2 with enclosed letters) and a document

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 513

JERUSALEM-LONDON ZIONIST 1 SHEKEL DONATION RECEIPT with the very rare label "1 Piaster, the committee for the Shekel in Eretz-Israel", ALSO 2 "Geula Titnu" JNF receipts used 1929-30 with different imprints and colors.

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 514

1924 Jewish Organization Donation Telegram from Prague, sent to Victor Kohn with 2 Jewish labels affixed; folded as mailed

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 515

GIDEON HAUSNER Knesset stampless envelope, with his handwritten signature (He was the prosecutor of Eichman), 1951 Knesset postmark and "Knesset Member/ Exempt from Postage" rectangular cachet.

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 516

GOLDSMIT HOUSE HOTEL OF JERUSALEM Illustrated advertising cover (stamp cut out) with matching illustrated letter sheet mailed Nov. 1933 to Steinberg in Budapest (who in 1944 survived the Holocaust via Bergen-Belsen as a member of the "Kasztner Train"). [cover in catalogue; letterhead on web]

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 517

1937 stationery letter of the Tel-Aviv Rudolf Mosse Advertising Agency for the import directory for Egypt, Palestine, etc. [PH cropped in catalog, full on web]

Start: $30 Buy


Lot #: 518

JERUSALEM OSTERR. POST16.IV. year unclear ties 1 pi stamp to stationery of JERUSALEM HOTEL KAMINITZ; hotel label on flap

Start: $80 Buy
Lot #: 519

TURKISH BIR-ES-SEBA 2 all-Arabic postmark (5 strikes) on block of 20 stamps on back of 5 attached (torn) telegram receipts [cropped in catalogue; full on web]

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 520

GERMAN FIELD POST MILITARY MISSION REGISTRATION LABELS from WWI: (a) Jerusalem, (b) Damask and (c) Gleisspitze Baghdadbahn. NOTE: If there are no bids on the lot, you may offer to buy these at $160 each

Start: $450 Buy