88th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
August 13, 2017



Lot #: 21

GREAT CHARITY CLOTHING FUND (BEALS 68.15 etc.) booklet panes (1) imperf blue on white paper, (2) imperf blue on greyish paper, (3) perfed blue & pink, (4) roulette, yellow & pink (this block of 4);

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Lot #: 22

HEC FOR LABOR PALESTINE booklet pane of four 5 cents stamps

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 23

YIDDISH POETS & WRITERS from Poland, pre World War One, 9 stamps – 8 different

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Lot #: 24

MARITIME ASSOCIATION FOR ISRAEL 12 page booklet with 24 numbered (25 thru 48) labels depicting scenes of the development of Tel Aviv port in 1936-38, text in Hebrew. Dated 5708 (1948)

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 25

THE SAVINGS FACTORY (1) red hard-covered stamp savings booklet containing 11 labels, each comprising 4 se-tenant stamps, depicting one of the 12 tribes, dated 1969 (2) booklet containing three panes of 3 stamps depicting buildings, one pane missing. Perhaps these should have been placed in the booklet

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Lot #: 26

1939 NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR complete sheet of 54 including Palestine Pavilion; folded, with fair envelope [PH cropped]

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Lot #: 27

FLOWERS AND VIEWS OF THE HOLY LAND JERUSALEM. [First German title edition], SOUVENIR ALBUM HOLY LAND] Description: Jerusalem, A.l. Kahane, [.], 1907. small oblong 8 inch Original calf backed polished cedar-wooden sides, convertible. Jerusalem in Hebrew and English between inlaid black decorative borders. Title-page in Hebrew and English printed within an elaborate colored decorative flower boarder. With12 distinctive colored topographical views illustrating Jerusalem and other Settlements in Palestine, captioned in Hebrew script, English and Russian; 12 cards bearing original dried colored flowers linked to opposite plate, captioned in Hebrew script, French, English, German and Russian, with original tissue-guards. Colored floral endpapers. Still very interesting souvenir album of the Holy Land (Palestine), partly done by hand. The dried flowers have been found in the surroundings of settlements and cities illustrated on opposite page. Excellent edition. Interleaving over flowers

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 28

PALESTINE VIEWS 8 different, in blue on off white card stock: Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Nativity, Manger. On back: “Flowers from the Holyland” (no flowers); from a booklet

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Lot #: 29

PALESTINE VIEWS 16 picture post cards depicting various scenes in Palestine; undivided backs; some in color; apparently part of a series; produced for the Wurttenbergische Pilsgerfaht [Wurttemberg Pilgrimage] 15 August to 08 September 1904; all unused

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Lot #: 30

BETHLEHEM GIRLS & VIEW UPU POST CARD - undivided back; probably made in Germany

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Lot #: 31

GOLDA MEIR signed on special cancel cachet [autograph in catalogue; full item on web]

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Lot #: 32

AUTOGRAPHS (1) F Krausz designer of Hebrew University stamp on FDC (2) Fred Mousou, builder of ZOA house on FDC (3) A,Szyk on card with Holiday stamps [autograph in catalogue; full item on web]

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Lot #: 33

MAGEN DAVID ADOM nice small accumulation of over 25 items

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Lot #: 34

CHIEF RABBINATE questionnaire to synagogues to get a permit; dated 6 SHEVAT 5685 (1915) [PH cropped in catalogue, more on web]

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Lot #: 35

NETUREI KARTA broadside in Hebrew to Haredi Residents – Do not protest against the British White Book; handstamp at bottom, dated 1920

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Lot #: 36

NETUREI KARTA 2 papers, opening to 8 pages; undated but seems to be 1956 or 1957 (1) To Rebel Nations (2) New Gezairot

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Lot #: 37

TORATH EMETH (1) Donation receipt, unused [item sealed in plastic wrap] (2) Membership document

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Lot #: 38

PUBLICATIONS DE MARIAGE French document regarding the marriage in Toulouse of a man from KFAR VITKIN and lady frim ZUILI; in July 1949; French revenue stamp on front and ISRAEL CONSULAT A PARIS handstamp on back; folded and a bit rough on edges o/w VF for age [back on web]

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Lot #: 39

INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, CENTRAL OFFICE IN GENEVA dated Vladivostok 25 April 1920; typed French message asking for help with Hungarian prisoners; signed by George Montandon. From WIKIPEDIA (and translated) George-Alexis Montandon is a doctor, anthropologist and Swiss-english1 explorer, born in Cortaillod in Switzerland April 19, 1879 and died in August 1944, killed by the Resistance 3 in Clamart with his wife, is a result of his injuries on 30 in Fulda in Germany, according to sources. Ethnologist at the Museum of Man, theorist of racism, anti-Semite and collaborator, he was one of the guarantors of a racism-called "scientific" before the Second World War. However, even under Vichy, he and the current which it belongs with René Martial French2 remains marginal in the intellectual world.

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Lot #: 40

JEWISH PHARMACY VOUCHER 1930; from Dr. T. Heinrich, in Warsaw

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