88th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
August 13, 2017



Lot #: 619

SINAI & GAZA SIX DAY WAR 4 covers funs during war,, sent earlier to the now retreating Egyptian soldiers, some with cachets.

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 620

SINAI & GAZA SIX DAY WAR (1) Egyptian Military Letter Sheet, unused; (2) UNEF Air Letter found in EL-ARISH and used by an Israeli reservist soldier via the Israeli Military post to his relatives in tel-Aviv (Rare!). and (3) UN Emergency Force Airmail stationery envelope cancelled by Israeli Khan Yunes postmark 20.7.67 on Egyptian Occupation of Gaza (Palestine) stamps, with additional 3 Israeli military cachets.

Start: $80 Buy
Lot #: 621

WEST BANK, JORDAN 1948-1967 Collection of Jordan Occupation of the West Bank: (1) STAMPS: Trans Jordan set; King Abdullah ovpt (a couple errors); UPU set (along with some errors); Postage Dues stamps can be mint, hinged, used; (2) COVERS commercial covers (some rare and some bearing overprint errors), FDC's (some flown abroad, some with overprint errors), Maximum Cards; about 80 covers; condition varies; Mounted on pages -- buyer strongly urged to remount – especially the stamps

Start: $1,500 Buy
Lot #: 622

PALESTINE FOR THE ARABS pairs of mint 1 (red) & 2 (blue); Mandate period Arab propaganda labels

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 623

PALESTINE AUTHORITY 4 commercial covers from the Palestine Authority with postage stamps (Gaza, Hebron & Ramallah) to Israeli Universities ALSO 2 covers from multinational entities with address in Bet-Lehem, sent to Israel.

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 624

FIRST CIVILIAN AUTO SERVICE TO GAZA STRIP, 24.11.1956, with the post-office TAXI MAIL charge paid label

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 625

2 large franked envelopes from the President of the Suez Canal University, Ismailia, to the president of an Israeli University, censored in Egypt, 1997.

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 626

Templer Association in Jerusalem, Palestine 1932 German post Bank deposit slip for the account

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 627

SHARE CERTIFICATE for Binyanei Hauma , Jerusalem, 195; has imprinted red tax stamp; folded and amended on back;

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 628

1954 NATIONAL BONDS Regular with 2 panes, reinforced with tape – unusual to be seen like this; ALSO Special BOND with all 5 coupons attached (1 stamped on back)

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 629

TRANSOCEAN AIR-LINES (TAL) 24.VI.1949 Geneva-Lydda Airline ticket – very early of a defunct airline, and very rare. Upper right side burned.

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Lot #: 630

MATCH BOX LABELS partial sheet of 43 uncut pre-1948 match-box labels (folded)

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Lot #: 631

MATCH BOX LABELS about 50 different, from the 1950’s

Start: $30 Buy
Lot #: 632

RETURN THE HOSTAGES label of the Iranian hostage crisis tied by 1980 Atlanta, GA machine cancellation to 1980 US Olympic aerogramme mailed to Israel

Start: $40 Buy