89th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
January 14, 2018


Non-JNF labels & stamps

Lot #: 21

HEC FOR LABOR PALESTINE booklet pane of four 5 cents stamps

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Lot #: 22

YIDDISH POETS & WRITERS from Poland, pre World War One, 9 stamps – 8 different

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Lot #: 23

FLOWERS AND VIEWS OF THE HOLY LAND JERUSALEM. [First German title edition], SOUVENIR ALBUM HOLY LAND] Description: Jerusalem, A.l. Kahane, [.], 1907, small oblong 8 inch Original calf backed polished cedar-wooden sides, convertible. Jerusalem in Hebrew and English between inlaid black decorative borders. Title-page in Hebrew and English printed within an elaborate colored decorative flower boarder. With12 distinctive colored topographical views illustrating Jerusalem and other Settlements in Palestine, captioned in Hebrew script, English and Russian; 12 cards bearing original dried colored flowers linked to opposite plate, captioned in Hebrew script, French, English, German and Russian, with original tissue-guards. Colored floral endpapers. Still very interesting souvenir album of the Holy Land (Palestine), partly done by hand. The dried flowers have been found in the surroundings of settlements and cities illustrated on opposite page. Excellent edition. Interleaving over flowers

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Lot #: 24

1921 picture postcard of 3 youngsters in Zichron Yaakov holding pistols (despite the danger of arrest for holding fire arms), favor cancelled ZICRON 21 JU 21, Dorfman 3, "G" ($200-350).

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Lot #: 25

AUTOGRAPHS OF ERETZ-ISRAEL PERSONALITIES: (1) Y. Rokach, Tel-Aviv Mayor on TLV municipality letter, (2) Yoseph Weitz, land and settlement planner of the JNF, on 2 1939 JNF receipts, (3) Moshe Carmel, General and minister (the Carmel Brigade of the War of Independence that he commanded is named after him) on 1964 2-page handwritten letter + his damaged cover from Paris, (4) Shmuel Tamir, lawyer of the Kasztner trial, and Minister, on typed 1971 Knesset stationery letter

Start: $110 Buy
Lot #: 26

ISAAC HALEVI HERZOG Chief Rabbi Of Israel From 1936 to 1958, mss letter to Rabbi Binyamin, text regards his offered to poet David Shimonovitch to write a threnody for Memorial Day after Independence War and asks for payment.

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Lot #: 28


Start: $60 Sold For: $60
Lot #: 29

FOR AMERICAN UNITY sheet of 36 stamps issued by Jewish War Veterans of the USA in the 1940’s; in red/white/blue featuring US flag and soldier ; some perf seps [PH cropped in catalog; full on web]

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Lot #: 30

FOR AMERICAN UNITY sheet of 36 stamps issued by Jewish War Veterans of the USA in the 1940’s; designed by Szyk; depicts two soldiers and the wording WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE; some perf seps, vertical folds & thins [PH cropped in catalog; full on web]

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Lot #: 31

OFFICIAL STATE OF ISRAEL PROPAGANDA FLYER to promote purchase of Dollar linked Israeli Bonds: "A rare opportunity, confident investment for your money. Purchase today and secure the stability of your money." Text Discusses inflation, the huge budget required for the mass Aliyah and the need for long-term secured saving. Nicely illustrated, friendly text in Hebrew, printed in orange, gray & black on white paper (c. 12.5 x 6.75") folded twice. Designed by a private advertising office (Tal-Arieli) in order to prevent a direct connection to the Government and to increase the public's trust. The item has the characteristics of letter sheet: squared space for stamp, 3-line space for address, space and inscription for sender & indications where the sheet is to be folded. Fresh, with light paper clip sign o/w VF, RARE!

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Lot #: 32

JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL payment demand notice; 2 copies -- different dates; folded as mailed; minor stains from staples [PH enhanced]

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Lot #: 33

COMITE EXECUTIF de la CONFERENCE UNIVERSELLE JUIVE DE SECOURS 1928 French postcard acknowledging from Jerusalem the receipt of money, with cachet and Hebrew notation. (vert fold) [One side in catalogue, both on web]

Start: $27 Sold For: $28
Lot #: 34

KEREN HAYESSOD illustrated receipt, dated 1920, from the Austrian Zionist Committee to Dr. Egon Zweig in Vienna (from the family of the author Stefan Zweig).

Start: $27 Sold For: $28
Lot #: 35

KEREN TEL CHAI 5 different sheetlets or panes as to design & color

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Lot #: 36

KEREN TEL CHAI two strips of four; 100 pr black & 150 pr violet, for BETAR sport fund

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Lot #: 37

MAGEN DAVID ADOM & HOSPITAL accumulation of 30 different

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Lot #: 38

13TH MACCABIAH GAMES FIRST DAY PICTURE POSTCARD, signed by all 12 athletes that were honored to represent the previous 12 Games in the opening parade of the Opening Ceremony, including Henry Hershkovich and Shaul Ladany (that are inducted in the Int. Jewish Sports Hall of fame), etc. [PH cropped in catalog, full on web]

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Lot #: 39

MACCABIAH GAMES 11 Maccabiah Games items (6th – certificate, 7th usher badge + postcard & ID, 8th - Airmail card, 9th – usher badge), plus 7 other sports stickers (4 Hapoel games – 9th, 11th, 13thx2, etc.)

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Lot #: 40


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Lot #: 41

SOMMERLAGER des V.Z.M. / CERMNA na ORL / C.S.R Summer Camp of the Zionist Organization of Moravia (V.Z.M. = Verband Zion, Moravia). Cachet top left. Czech 1.20 K imprinted stamp postcard sent to Vienna. Message in German mentions daily study of Hebrew. Dated 8/1833 (Small pinhole in top margin).

Start: $70 Sold For: $85