89th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
January 14, 2018

british mandate


Lot #: 122

JERUSALEM JAFFA TPO DOWN 3 AP 27 Travelling Post Office [Dorfman #3-F] ties 7 mil London to ppc [Jerusalem] addressed to Germany

Start: $40 Buy
Lot #: 123

TEMPLER JAFFA FACTORY "GEBR. WAGNER Air-Mail stationery cover; franked 25 mil, 20 OC 1940, with "Insufficiently franked for Air-Mail" rectangular cachet and octagonal PalestineT10 censor. One of the Wagner brothers was executed after WWII by the Haganah.

Start: $27 Sold For: $28
Lot #: 124

PALESTINE Newspapers Agency, large folded envelope pmks 21 May 1844 Tel Aviv, Mograbi branch; mailing newspapers as printed matter to Rehovot, franked 52 mil printed matter newspapers rate, with unusual PALES label. [PH cropped]

Start: $180 Buy

Dues, Shows, Cover collections

Lot #: 125

GIVAT BRENNER 20 NO 46 2 strikes of Dorfman 2 (rated D) tie 10 mils 3rd Dues to very small cvr addressed to Tel Aviv, Dorfman 3 (Rated E) to side; mss Hebrew “printed matter”

Start: $35 Sold For: $35
Lot #: 126

10 MILS 3RD DUES tied by TEL AVIV ‘A’ 7 AU 28 pmk to cvr addressed to Tel Aviv, large “T” hstmp

Start: $45 Buy
Lot #: 127

LEVANT FAIRS 1932, '34, '36: 6 covers, tickets, invoice of receiving medals, and 6 labels

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 128

MANDATE POSTMARKS collection of over 150 different postmarks; most with pictorial stamps; nicely identified

Start: $270 Buy
Lot #: 129

2 & 9 PI TYPOGRAPHS tied by all Arabic pmk to all Arabic postal receipt; scan of 2nd side on web

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 130

GRAND NEW HOTEL JERUSALEM on three picture post cards , 2 with 7 mils London 2 and one 8 mils; [backs on web]

Start: $65 Buy
Lot #: 131

Mandate period Civil Defense circular explaining the fees levied on citizens to finance civil defense equipment

Start: $25 Buy
Lot #: 132

COURIER LETTER addressed in Hebrew "For Tzipora Ribenbok", with only "PASSED BY/CENSOR 98/ SINGAPORE" on the front and the back.

Start: $27 Buy
Lot #: 133

1945 cover & printed invitation of the JEWISH EX-ARMY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF ERETZ-ISRAEL with Magen-David insignia & cachet. Piece of corner missing from the cover. [invitation in catalogue; cover on web]

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 134

AIDE DE CAMP/HIGH COMMISSIONER/GOVERNMENT HOUSE cachet on 1934 envelope from Jerusalem to "The Committee of Chief Rabb / Bouchari Quarter, Jerusalem" with printed invitation card of the High Commissioner. [invitation in catalogue; cover on web]

c/ doc
Start: $55 Buy
Lot #: 139

TELEGRAM FORMS 7 different as to postmarks, generally fine, but one cut

Start: $40 Buy

world war two

Camps, Forces, Etc.

Lot #: 140

BRITISH FORCES IN PALESTINE WORLD WAR TWO & AFTER very detailed collection of the air letter sheets used at the time. This includes the varieties of the sheets (gum, burelage & watermark and private overprints). Most notably are letter sheets and other covers from many of the units located on the West Bank. A list of British Foreign Post Offices with locations and dates in Palestine is included. [The items were not checked against the list.]. There are also some privately made letter sheets. Over 100 items.

Start: $600 Buy
Lot #: 141

ON HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE pmkd TUL KARM ‘A’ 25 JA 41, r-label TUM KARM, LATRUN (?) SETTLEMENT hstmp, various bkstmps

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 142

JEWISH BRIGADE GROUP distinctive patch worn by soldier

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 143

P.J.R.U ERETZ YISRAEL two part soldier’s patch. PJRU may be Palestine Jewish Reserve Unit.

Start: $50 Sold For: $50
Lot #: 144

US ARMY POSTAL SERVICE, APO, MAR 21 1943 postmark on CERTIFIED OFFICIAL cachet cover of the "Headquarters LEVANT SERVICE COMMAND US Army Forces in the Middle East, Barclays Bank Building, Tel-Aviv, Palestine", to Haifa; HAIFA HADAR HACARMEL ‘A’ 23 43 backstamp (central fold & tear).

Start: $70 Buy
Lot #: 145

US ARMY POSTAL SERVICE, APO 682, SEP 19 1943 postmark on CERTIFIED OFFICIAL imprinted cover with sender's label "HEADQUARTERS / LEVANT SERVICE COMMAND, ASF, USAFIME, TEL-LITWINSKY", addressed to "Municipality Tel-Aviv Very Fine.

Start: $90 Buy