91th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

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November 27, 2018
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ottoman period

austrian offices

Lot #: 60

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: CAIFA 29.12.1909 to Austria. 10c UPU type postcard tied by Caifa double ring p/m (St. Type 508) dated 29.12.1909 alongside Elektra OE. Lloyd ship postmark of 31.12.1909 and Red handstamp "Trieste Soria No.52 and 18.12.09". The 3199 Ton ship Elektra built 1884 was in service for Lloyd Austriaco and was converted to Hospital ship from August 17 1914 just after the start of WWI until November 1914 when the ship returned to Lloyd Austriaco and was in service until 1918. Evidence of the ship stop at the Caifa & Jaffa ports can be found in a book “East and west of Zagros" page 29, where a traveler describes the Ship stop at the 2 ports. VF rare showpiece which on few known to exist.

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Lot #: 61

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: HAIFA 11/8/11 ties 10 para stamp to ppc (Haifa coast) addressed to England (Steichle 506)

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Lot #: 62

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: GERUSALEMME 15/1 ties 2 soldi stamp to piece (Steichle 542)

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Lot #: 63

AUSTRIAN OFFICE: REGISTRATION RECEIPTS 3 different, Jerusalem, Jaffa, small Jerusalem

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Lot #: 64

JERUSALEM OSTERR. POS T16.IV. year unclear ties 1 pi stamp to stationery of JERUSALEM HOTEL KAMINITZ; hotel label on flap

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Lot #: 65

AUSTRIAN OFFICE Jaffa Jerusalem and Haifa pmks tie stamp to pieces

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Lot #: 629

AUSTRIAN OFFICES: SMYRNA TURKEY pmkd 21.10.1913 addressed to Austria

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