92nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale

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April 30, 2019
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world war two

Concentration Camps, DP Camps, Etc.

Lot #: 153

POSTABTEILUNG (POST DEPARTMENT) hstmp (ghetto cancellation) on postal card, mss dated 30/12/41 on back. The added cancellation reads: "The Post Department of the Eldest of the Jews in Litzmannstadt. This was added against the regulations ,and thus unaccepted and undelivered.

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Lot #: 154

PRISONER OF WAR FORM mailed 27 Nov 1944 from New York, addressed– to Erika Schwarz (a Jew) in Vienna; letter on web

Start: $35 Sold For: $35
Lot #: 155

WEIMAR 1.10.1941 pmk ties 6 pfg stamp to pc; mss Buchenwald 28/9/1941 on back

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Lot #: 156

DACHAU LETTER SHEET dated 29/9/1941

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