96th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
February 7, 2021



Lot #: 282

ANDERSON’S FAIRY TALES illustrated by Szyk; inside of covers in color, all else color or black & white

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Philatelic Books

Lot #: 283

MEDICAL LABELS over 70 different, some hard to find

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Lot #: 284

JERUSALEM CHRONICLES 3 VOL SET JEWISH HISTORY JUDAICAL ISRAEL NEWS OF THE PAST Condition is Very Good. Dust covers have done their job but have tears and are worn in places. Biblical history covering biblical and post biblical eras in an entertaining newspaper format. Includes Volume 1: In The Days Of The Bible - From Abraham to Ezra 1726 -444 BCE; Volume 2: The Second Temple -- Dispersion -- the Rise of Christianity, 165 BCE to 1028 AD; Volume 3: The Dawn of Redemption 1099-1897 AD. The Idea: to retell the ancient, hallowed story of the Bible as if it were happening today - or, differently expressed, as if the ancients had been in possession of all the facilities and know-how connected with the production of a modern newspaper! The Result: a serious, authentic and well-founded portrayal of the people and events of the Biblical era, giving the reader two dimensions of depth that no history textbook, with its necessarily compartmentalized, chapter-by-chapter approach, can provide: depth in geographical extension and depth in aspects of living. The perusal of any one issue in this volume will give the reader both an overall view of simultaneous happenings in the Holy Land and in other countries, and a fresh insight into the political, economic and social problems, as well as the everyday life, of our fathers.

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Paymemt Tokens

Lot #: 285

EGGED BUS TOKENS 21 different as to colors & shades (some very subtle)

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payment tokens

Lot #: 286

PROMISSORY NOTES 15 20 & 50 ag

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