96th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
February 7, 2021

ottoman period

austrian offices

Lot #: 55

AUSTRIAN OFFICES: JERUSALEM 33/12/99 on 20 Para ppc, with BETLEEM hstmp, addressed to Switzerland; on back “Last Christmas of 19th Century”

Start: $50 Buy

french offices

Lot #: 56

FRENCH OFFICES: JERUSALEM 6/5/1812 ties 1 piaster ovpt on 25 centime stamp to cover addressed to France

Start: $35 Buy
Lot #: 57

FRENCH OFFICES 3 POSTAL CARDS. (1) 1908 mailed from Nancy Station to the Hebrew Gymnasia in Jaffa; JAFFA OSTERR. POST 27 V 8 arrival omk. (2) Postal card mailed from Alexandria, Egypt to Dr. Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943), Zionist leader and thinker. (3) Postal card mailed to the Director of the Hebrew High School in Jaffa; cancelled in France but carried by Austrian post. All have filing holes over imprints and cancels.

Start: $40 Buy

German Offices

Lot #: 58

GERMAN OFFICES (BP-08 #48-52) used set

Start: $60 Buy

turkish offices

Lot #: 59

TURKISH MAIL JAFFA CANCELS on Turkish Stamps: (8 singles, I pair, 1 block of 4)

Start: $33 Buy
Lot #: 60

TURKISH MAIL-JERUSALEM CANCELS on Turkish Stamps, 8 singles, 1 block of 4 with Quart Israelite cancel

Start: $50 Buy