96th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Sale date: 
February 7, 2021


Artwork & Books

Lot #: 396

GOEBEL LASZLO ISPANKY 1st EDITION LIMITED PLATE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL, 1978 number 3868; 12 tribes of Israel 1978 new 12 inch plate.. Depicts Jacob in the center and each of his sons are symbolized around the plate. Although Ispanky is a world famous sculptor this is the first plate he has created. The plate is made from fine porcelain with a gold rim. Comes with case. Sold in February 2017 sale for $170.

Start: $100 Buy
Lot #: 397

PICTURESQUE PALESTINE The prints are all from the monumental work "Picturesque Palestine, Sinai, and Egypt': published by D. Appleton & Co in New York in 1881. The set of 4 volumes contained 35+ steel engravings, of which these prints are, and hundreds of wood cuts, almost all of which can be framed The books from which these prints were taken, had their spines completely destroyed, and could not be repaired. (Google the title to learn more.) As indicated these prints are all steel engravings, over 135 years old and in absolutely pristine condition. They original paintings from which these steel engravings were made were by the very famous artists of the times, Harry Fenn or J.D. Woodward, whose names are noted on the bottom right below each print. The lot has about 35 prints of the Ottoman Period Palestine (includes, what was to become Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria). 2 frontispieces and 2 maps.

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 398

WARSAW 1945 'GUARDS BY THE WALLS OF THE GHETTO' COLOR PRINT characterizes two Nazi guards at wall of Warsaw Ghetto. Interestingly, guards are wearing patches of Ukrainian SS volunteers. Only 1,450 issued in Poland, 9½"x12¾", mounted on 12½"x17" black paper with title inscribed in three languages, English, French & Polish. Fine condition.

Start: $160 Buy
Lot #: 399

HOLY LAND PHILATELIST These are the ORIGINAL magazines bound into two books. Volume III Nov. 2956 #25 thru VOLUME VII August September #81/82

Start: $50 Buy
Lot #: 400

JUDISCHE-RUNDSCHAU-12-AUGUST-1904 2 different from this date; 8 pages each VERY FRAGILE; tape amended at left

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Lot #: 401

NETANYA Nice accumulation/collection of commercial and philatelic covers from Netanya; most nicely mounted and described; includes some from pre-1948, many pre-1960, and the shows

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 402

ISRAEL COLLECTION mint tabs 1976 thru 2009; not complete. The basic year sets retail for over $1,200. The collection also has some duplication, used tabs, TAB blocks, maximum cards, special booklets, and sheetlets. Nicely mounted with SCOTT numbers noted.

Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 403

Small accumulation of (1) tete-beche sheets for booklets (2) pmkd pieces of these (3) many souvenir sheets (4) coil strips [OR BEST OFFER –subject to vendor acceptance]

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Lot #: 404

YEAR SETS 1979-80 (not complete) 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003; dealer price list for these is over $200

Start: $90 Buy
Lot #: 405

LARGE SIZED FDC These includes the regular issues when FDC were on large sized cover, booklets, sheets, unofficial FDC and combination FDC. The majority are post 1990 FULL SHEETS and BOOKLETS on FDC that were not necessarily offered by the Philatelic Agency. Many different issues are noted: Scientific Concepts, various Greetings, various Sports, Months, Yad Vashem, Alphabet, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 2008 Census, Global Warming, and Polish Year in Israel, Fruits of Israel, Butterflies, Tourism, Vultures, and much more There well over 300 covers (not counted) in all. Note that some items are discolored.

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Lot #: 406

PLATE BLOCKS ON FIRST DAY COVER These BI-16 numbers:[pre 1960 issues] 49, 56-58, 29-30, 68-69 (no 70), 68-70 on 1 cover (2 diff), booklet B8, 71 (large cover), 60-65 (on 2 covers) 66-67, 93-96, 91, booklet B9 (see note), 133, 99, 79-85 & 138, 106 (see note), 117, 113-116, 118-129, 132, 131, 139-141, 134-6, 142, 143, 144-6, booklet B10, 147, 148-151, 152, 153, 154, 155-8, 159, 160-3, 167-9, 175-7, 166, 164, 165, 170; also many post 1960 issues;  may be addressed regist express -- not checked for full sets/may have duplicates;  over 250 covers in all; note: some as discolored at the edges

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 407

FIRST DAY COVER WITH PASTE-UPS FDC with cutouts from publicity sheets; these BI-16 numbers 1129 & 1194, 1281, 1282, 1283, 1284-6 (full sheet) 1311 (3 different) 1322 MS 64, 130, 1337, 1338-1341, BP 12 (on 2 covers) 1359, 1380; some addressed; These have retailed for as much as $150 each, 16 items in all

Start: $900 Buy