97th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

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July 20, 2021
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postal history

Lot #: 237

TAXI MAIL, CA. 1937 (NOV. 16), "Express" cover from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, bearing on reverse Aliyah Taxi Co. black-on-white label, with 25m fee entered by hand; roughly opened at top, the label is Fine to Very Fine, rare, with only five usages on cover believed to have survived from this company.

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Lot #: 238

PRE-1960 METER MAIL same meter type may be from different cities, dates, or rates; over 25 items;

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Lot #: 239

ISRAEL SHUKAF & NIVDAK COVERS In an alert against mail bombs much mail was checked. Two types of hstmps were applied -- SHUKAF (x-rayed) NIVDAK (checked) as well as various labels. The collection features different types of hstmps: triangular, ellipse, circular, Box, etc., different shapes and colors. A few to government officials. The collection has about 10 labels and about 60 cvrs with dozens of different cachet types, color etc. Most F-VF

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Lot #: 240

NEW YEARS MAILINGS These are small 110 x 70 mm envelopes that were used to send New Years cards. Postmarks are from the 1950’s and 1960’s, a few have the Holiday triangle pmks. Over 110 covers

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Lot #: 241

ELECTRONIC CODING AND SORTING 16-page exhibit (needs to be remounted) depicting various electronic markings on covers; these were used in automatic sorting; a mixture of preliminary trial covers and philatelic items

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Lot #: 243

UNITED NATIONS covers to various countries from troops that were part of the UN Emergency Forces. These could have been in the Sinai, Lebanon, or elsewhere; incl 2 POW letters; about 50 items, appears to be mostly commercial usages

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Lot #: 632

RETURN TO SENDER 3 covers marked RETURN (1) USSR (2) Poland (3) USSR – various reasons

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Lot #: 633

CENSORED MAIL 12 covers – all to same address, various dates & stamps; note: one has censor handstamp instead of resealing tape

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Lot #: 634

THE GOOD FENCE The Good Fence was a term that referred to Israel's mountainous 80-mile northern border with Lebanon during the period following the 1978 South Lebanon conflict (during Lebanese Civil War2228.00. 24 covers, mostly philatelic – but 1 or 2 commercial usages; 2 photos

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Lot #: 635

REGISTRATION LABELS computer sheetlet with 9 labels, top 3 missing black numbers and bar codes

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