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1973 YOM KIPPUR WAR (1) about 45 special events covers including post office opening (2) over 160 military post cards – a few used; mounted in stock cards [note: I recommend that the buyer remount these as the cards are not in good condition]

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SIX DAY WAR Post Office openings (covers and maximum cards) , special events, military post cards, a couple commercial usages, 6 used Egyptian Postal Money Orders [per note seized from Gaza Post Office], and more; well over 160 items in all; mounted in stock cards with short descriptions [note: I recommend that the buyer remount these as the cards are over loaded]

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PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 1994 ONWARDS (1) mint collection between 1994 and 2000 including Jericho local and FILS overprints, officials, complete sets of views on cover, singles, souvenir sheets, sheetlets; also the SILVER issue in blocks of four; (2) COLLECTION OF COVERS: First Day 08 NOV 1995 (including 13 cutouts), mobile post office in cutouts, commercial covers (plain & registered) & special events BONUS: a few exit/entrance permits; over 80 covers and 13 cutouts in 2 volumes

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ARAB BOYCOTT AGAINST ISRAEL 1948-1967 Public notices issued by the “Arab Committee for the Boycott Against Israel” announcement forbidding the sale and/or distribution of the listed books or publications; distributed to all Post Offices in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; documents published by Jordan Postal Offices over 25 documents