82 - 96 - judaica ant-semitic

1940s RARE ANTI-SEMITIC BOOKLET 'VOM PROLETEN ZUM HERRN!' A very rare anti-Semitic booklet from 1940 by Dr. Robert Ley, titled 'Vom Proleten Zum Herrn!,' translated as 'From Proletarian to Master!' Only 2,000 copies of this booklet were made, with very few surviving. Booklet is delicate but still fully intact. Measures 5¾"x8", 36 pages, with many illustrations inside and intact. Dr. Ley describes the way of the German people from a demoralized, weak and disunited nation to the strongest force in all Europe, all under the guidance of their beloved Fuhrer and Nazi leadership.

82 - 95 - judaica ant-semitic

1941 'INTERNATIONALER VOELKERBREI' BOOKLET This 36pp. booklet titled 'International Racial Mix or United Nation-States of Europe' praises Nazi policies of anti-Semitism as protecting Europe and the human race from 'contamination' and 'poison' of Jewish 'parasites' and conspirators. Written by Dr. Robert Ley, Nazi politician and leader of the German Labor Front, and published by GLF in 1941, book is scarce piece of propaganda material, with only minor cover wear. Fine to very fine.