89 - 404 - arabic Pre & Post 1967, Other

WEST BANK, JORDAN 1948-1967 Collection of Jordan Occupation of the West Bank: (1) STAMPS: Trans Jordan set; King Abdullah ovpt (a couple errors); UPU set (along with some errors); Postage Dues stamps can be mint, hinged, used; (2) COVERS commercial covers (some rare and some bearing overprint errors), FDC's (some flown abroad, some with overprint errors), Maximum Cards; about 80 covers; condition varies; Mounted on pages -- buyer strongly urged to remount – especially the stamps

89 - 403 - arabic Pre & Post 1967, Other

SINAI & GAZA SIX DAY WAR (1) Egyptian Military Letter Sheet, unused; (2) UNEF Air Letter found in EL-ARISH and used by an Israeli reservist soldier via the Israeli Military post to his relatives in tel-Aviv (Rare!). and (3) UN Emergency Force Airmail stationery envelope cancelled by Israeli Khan Yunes postmark 20.7.67 on Egyptian Occupation of Gaza (Palestine) stamps, with additional 3 Israeli military cachets.