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These are lots 1001 thru 1275.  No reasonable offer will be declined.   By “reasonable” I mean: if you offer 50% of the price listed I may very well decline.   If you offer 75% of the price listed for 10 or more items, I may very well accept the offer.  Commission will be added.

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1275 - Best Offer collections

ISRAEL TARIFFS & SPECIAL SERVICES 1948-1990 This is a comprehensive collection of Israel Tariffs (rates). It has plain, registered express, non-denominated, computer (ATM, MASSAD) labels, mixed frankings, inflation period, multiples, and more. There are notes with pertinent information, including rates. Note that nearly all are INLAND usages; multiples, and more. There are notes with pertinent information, including rates.

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1273 - Best Offer collections

COLLECTION OF 1967-1994 WEST BANK, SINAI, GAZA, GOLAN HEIGHTS ZAHAL/IDF military post; most comprehensive; Under Military, 12 volumes and extra material; Copies of articles, maps, summary charts, and postal notices are included, Wallach POSTAL HISTORY GUIDE TO THE TERRITORIES ADMINISTERED BY ISRAEL SINCE 1967VOLUME #1:JUDEA AND SAMARIA; About 110 items: Post Office openings, Under cover mail, Various usages, Daily postmark sheets VOLUME #2:JUDEA AND SAMARIA, About 116 items: Registration labels, Commercial mail, Revenues on documents, Daily postmark sheets, Under cover mail VOLUME #3:GAZA

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1267 - Best Offer collections

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 1994-2002 VOLUME #1 About 100 items; Provisional Egyptian “bridge” type pmk on Jan 1, 1995 on covers from GAZA; Explanatory information regarding topic; Different types of postmarks; Undercover mail; Covers with mixed franking: Israel and Palestinian Authority; Mobile Post Office pieces; Pal Auth stamps on covers from West Bank; Israeli stamps on covers from West Bank; FRANCO (meters) – per note these are proofs; VOLUME #2: About 70 items (stamp sets counted as 1 item); STAMPS: Jericho locals: FILS ovpt on MILS; Explanatory information regarding these; Stamps above c

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1266 - Best Offer collections

JUDAICA MISCELLANEOUS #2 About 25 items; About 25 items Flyer circa 1909 from a Rabbi regarding the matter of fight of Kollels in Jerusalem; Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem, World War One era; Halukkah receipts; Social Afternoon Tea held by German Hospital; Orthodox Jews against Zionist, circa 1920; Halukkah questions list; Alliance Israelite Universelle – document in French; German Jews under Nazis, 1938/39 school certificate; Invitation to memorial meeting for Miss Annie Landau and other related items; Wedding invitation to the Church of the Redeemer; Broadside: call to Jewish Community