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These are lots 1001 thru 1275.  No reasonable offer will be declined.   By “reasonable” I mean: if you offer 50% of the price listed I may very well decline.   If you offer 75% of the price listed for 10 or more items, I may very well accept the offer.  Commission will be added.

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1265 - Best Offer collections

JUDAICA MISCELLANEOUS #1 About 70 items. Card from Anglo Palestine Co. Ltd. Jerusalem; Jewish Relief Fund; Kauf-Besfastigung donation receipt; Various labels; Israel citizenship document; Donation or other receipt forms for sports, cancer, schools; BAOR army; Jerusalem mayor’s invitation to 1930 tea party; Radio cards; Engineers Membership certificate; Ottoman era medical receipt

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1264 - Best Offer collections

ISRAEL FRANCOTYPE MACHINE POSTMARKS ON COVERS VOLUME #1 About 100 different items. Early (1970’s) designs, Various companies: Insurance, VOLUME #2 About 120 different items. Education, Universities Hotels & Tourism; Various Industries: Paper, Food, Building and General Industry, VOLUME #3 About 120 different items Various Industries: Oil & Fuel, High Tech, Transportation, Local Government, Specimens BOOK: ISRAEL METER POSTAGE STAMPS 1988 CATALOGUE included

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1262 - Best Offer collections

JUDAICA – DOCUMENTS, POSTERS Seen are (1) small notice in Hebrew regarding the death of Shimon Rothschild; (2) HALUKKAH (financial allowance for support of residence of Eretz Israel) (3) Turkish Government tax receipts (4) Neturei Karta newsletters dated 1957 [3 different] (5) 1924 Agudath Israel circular in Yiddish (6) printed leaflet asking for money (7) Halukkah list of persons of means (8) letter to Baron Edmond Rothschild and others asking for money (9) various other circulars asking for funds (10) Post World War One donation forms (11) Donation form for purchase of land in Palestine

101st Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 1261 - Best Offer collections

ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS) This represents the start of EMS service in Israel from about 1983 to about1990. There is a cover from Jerusalem to Cleveland OHIO on the first day of EMS 24 Jan 1983 as well as one from there to Israel. There are covers to Romania, Portugal, Japan, Greece, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Hungary, Spain. Incoming EMS is from England and the USA. There is also inland express mail. The collection includes some postal forms and documents. About 35 items.