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1948 JUDAICA, ISRAEL ORGANIZES ITS GOVERNMENT Formal Paper, dated July 21, 1948, 11 pages; 4 measure 8½"x13", 7 measure 7"x10"; in Hebrew. Table of Contents 'State of Israel, Formal paper, Temporally assigned government, #10, 1 Tel Aviv 14th of Tamuz 07-21-1948, Page. 55, Table of Contents: Page 56 An announcement in the matter of adding to the order of government and laws, 1948. Page 56 An announcement in the matter of substitutes of the state's party members. Page 56 Appointing of officers Page 57 Appointing of a supervisor of transportation as an official authority.

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1946 RADIO WEEKS' SUPPLEMENTS, A PALESTINE PUBLICATION Two important reports regarding settlement of Palestine after World War II leading to State of Israel: '...We have to report that such information as we received about countries other than Palestine gave no hope of substantial assistance in finding homes for Jews wishing or impelled to leave Europe.' (1) 'Committee Calling,' four pages, 9¾"x13", two conjoined sheets, front and verso. Mid-horizontal fold.