102nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 421 - Low Priced CITIES

REGISTERED JERUSALEM 24 MY 38 handstamps (2), paying the 15 mils first 20 grams letter rate plus 13 mils registration fee plus 2 mils overpayment. Pencil "Registered" in the upper left corner, blue crayon cross through the middle and dark blue on white R JERUSALEM No 2904 registration label affixed to the top. On back: violet framed BRITISH PALESTINE EXPRESS corner card, two additional strikes of the Palestine registration handstamps, black NEW YORK, N.Y. REG'Y DIV 6 - 7 1938 transit, violet

83 - 236 - mandate CITIES

JERUSALEM ‘E’ 27 AU 39 ties 15 mil pictorial to air mail cvr addressed to Glasgow; censor tape to left; this is Gladstone Type 1 (with the curved “Yâ€ in “BYâ€), his earliest date for censor 30 is 6-11-39, this is 27-8-39; opened on 3 sides