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PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 1994-2002 VOLUME #1 About 100 items (1) Provisional Egyptian “bridge” type pmk on Jan 1, 1995 on covers from GAZA (2) Explanatory information regarding topic (3) Different types of postmarks (4) Undercover mail (5) Covers with mixed franking: Israel and Palestinian Authority (6) Mobile Post Office pieces (7) Pal Auth stamps on covers from West Bank (8) Israeli stamps on covers from West Bank (9)FRANCO (meters) – per note these are proofs VOLUME #2 About 70 items (stamp sets counted as 1 item) (1) STAMPS: Jericho locals: FILS ovpt on MILS (2) Explanatory information r

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ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES (IDF/ZAHAL) 1950-1967 Military mail, also inter-office mail, regular and registered VOLUME #1 About 110 items (1) Early period KBA handstamps (2) Early parcel cards with Doar Ivri stamps (3) 2nd period: triangular handstamps on official mail (4) Military entires – various styles & usages (5) Military censored (6) Bus tickets for reservists going to base (7) Gasoline coupons (8) Military Post labels VOLUME #2 About 170 items (1) Linear (one line) handstamps (2) Different style entires (3) Various usages – with normal postmarks and unit handstamps (4) Dated triangle

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UNDER COVER MAIL From 1967 to 1990; from/to Arab Countries. After the 1967 Six Day War, correspondence between Palestinians in Territories and Arab Counties was suspended due to the postal boycott of Israel since 1948. The problem was partially resolved by using a third country. Another route became practical due to the “Open Bridge Policy” between Israel and Jordan. Tourists and others passing over the Allenby bridge carried the mails. Later Travel Agencies also carried mail, adding a charge for the service. Includes notes and listings. VOLUME #1 About 145.

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JUDAICA – DOCUMENTS, POSTERS Seen are (1) small notice in Hebrew regarding the death of Shimon Rothschild; (2) HALUKKAH (financial allowance for support of residence of Eretz Israel) (3) Turkish Government tax receipts (4) Neturei Karta newsletters dated 1957 [3 different] (5) 1924 Agudath Israel circular in Yiddish (6) printed leaflet asking for money (7) Halukkah list of persons of means (8) letter to Baron Edmond Rothschild and others asking for money (9) various other circulars asking for funds (10) Post World War One donation forms (11) Donation form for purchase of land in Palestin

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ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS)This represents the start of EMS service in Israel from about 1983 to about1990. There is a cover from Jerusalem to Cleveland OHIO on the first day of EMS 24 Jan 1983 as well as one from there to Israel. There are covers to Romania, Portugal, Japan, Greece, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Hungary, Spain. Incoming EMS is from England and the USA. There is also inland express mail. The collection includes some postal forms and documents. About 35 items.