83 - 264 - world war two CONCENTRATION & DP CAMPS - GHETTOS - ETC.

TRAPPED WITHOUT A WAY OUT, IN FRANCE ON ROUTE TO ENGLAND WAR TIME NEWS FROM ALICE A JEWISH REFUGEE FROM GERMANY. Oct. 13 1939 1.25F French postcard written in German sent from Paris to Dr. Martin Nathan in Tel Aviv Palestine. From the very beginning of text, a story of a brave lonely woman. She describes her situation in most realistic way, analyzes it in calm words using her sense of humor. Yet above all there are great fear, despair & worries from the days to come. "Dear Martin & Laura, I have received my Visa to England on Sep.1st [Outbreak day of WWII] left [Germany] on Sep.

83 - 258 - world war two CONCENTRATION & DP CAMPS - GHETTOS - ETC.

THERESIENSTADT KZ DOCUMENTS 1945 Three documents (5x8") pertaining to former female Theresienstadt concentration camp inmate, Ada Kleinova; two written in Czech and one written in Russian. Many inmates were staying in the camp after liberation as they were too sick or simply had nowhere to go. The Russian document allows her to leave Theresienstadt camp July 23, 1945, and return not later than July 31, 1945. Likely the Czech documents are similar.