103rd Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 114 - first dues covers

FIRST DUES (1) full set tied by HAIFA 2/12/1948 pmks to unaddressed cvr, TO PAY MILS hstmp (2) full set tied by TEL AVIV 26/4/1950 pmks to unaddressed cvr (3) full set tied by TEL AVIV 26/12/1950 pmks to unaddressed cvr with cachet for 5709 New Year (4) 3 pr tied by TABUL (5) 10 & 20 tied by HAIFA 13/2/1949 pmk to partial cvr addressed to Haifa, “T” hstmp (6) 4 covers with Hebrew text indicating that return postage will be paid. 3 mil dues on back